The SR-71 is underway and I am taking my time with it. With the all flat black skin making for a challenge in the weathering department, I have chosen some areas to add some extra detail to. One area are the exhaust cans. I sprayed the insides with flat white yesterday and used my pastels to detail them. I used shades of brown and black to dirty them up. The cockpit and landing gear are some other areas that i will exploit for more detail. My goal for today is to address those two areas. Everything has been painted and is ready for assembly and detailing.
I haven’t focused too much on the Tiger yet. I clipped the parts from the sprues and did a little painting. I’ll put the cockpit together today and go from there. I’ll also try to get the external fuel tanks sanded and primed. I’m not going to get into a huge rush for progress on this one. Any progress at all will be a bonus.



Final Build

With one week left until we have to be moved out of our home, I think I have enough time to get out one more build. Maybe two. I really thought that the Corsair, the Airacobra, and the Banshee would be the final builds.
To give myself as little of a headache as possible, I went with an easier kit. I chose Academy’s 1/72 SR-71A “History” kit. The basis for this choice is the minimal parts and a rather simple paint scheme. Bottom line is that I think a week is plenty of time to finish this kit. The tricky part will be the weathering. It’s an all flat black airplane so I will need to get creative. I have some ideas that I think will do well.
I have picked a second kit in Hasegawa’s 1/72 F11F-1 Tiger “VA-156 Iron Tigers” issue. I don’t have faith that this one will be done before the move but I am going for it anyway. Opening the box shows a quality build. I will have to saw off the nose to attach the provided, and correct, resin nose. The rest looks like a typical Hasegawa kit. I have been trying to fit this build in for a few months now and I am glad that I can finally get around to it.


F2H-3 Banshee

Hobbycraft’s Banshee certainly tested my patience in the beginning. This build may have had its issues, but I believe it finished well. I am pleased with the final presentation.
The RCN paint scheme looks fabulous. It took some effort with all the masking, but I think it was worth it. The decals were a disappointment to look at and work with. I unfortunately didn’t have any extra Canadian insignia decals in my spares so I was forced to use what was given. The overall build was not the easiest with the ill fit of some important parts. On the other hand, it definitely wouldn’t rank as one of my most difficult builds.





P-39Q Airacobra

With the Banshee successfully painted and decals having been applied, I was free to finish the P-39Q. This build started off a little gloomy with the gaps, but quickly changed for the better. I had a great time with this kit.
In the beginning of the build, I didn’t think to put any nose weights in. I figured that I was building a WWII aircraft and MOST WWII aircraft are tail sitters. I completely neglected the fact that the P-39 has a nose wheel. I knew that it had one, but didn’t think once about adding any weight. Fast forward to final assembly and there I sat scratching my head. As luck would have it, I had not installed the propeller yet. Carefully, I carved out the hole that the propeller and spinner would insert onto and I stuffed as many lead weights as it would hold. Success! It really irritates me when I forget the weight and have to attach a make shift stand for the tail to sit on. I dodged a massive bullet on this kit. Other than that blunder, construction went like a normal build. I am pleased with my finished Airacobra.





F4U-1 Corsair

The Corsair was completed last night and I have to say that it was a fantastic build throughout. It’s almost like it was a pre-finish kit that you just snap together. Well it wasn’t that easy but you get the point. The only downfall, to me, is that you can’t position the canopy opened up. Everything else was superb.





Focusing on the Banshee

Success on the Banshee has become the norm now. The first color (Light Ghost Gray) was applied yesterday. I meticulously masked the plane off late last night for it’s final color of Gunship Gray. My plan is to get that sprayed sometime today. I have some moving to do, so I don’t know if I can get around to it.
I went out and bought my can of clear matte last night. The Corsair was sprayed and left to dry. After that, I moved on to the Airacobra. There weren’t too many decals to apply. It took about fifteen minutes to get them all on. They dried overnight and today I will weather both the Airacobra and Corsair.



The Closing Stages

Getting through the Corsair build without a roadblock was too good to be true. The decals were applied yesterday and I opened my paint drawer this morning to find that I am all out of clear matte spray. I can’t weather it until this coat is sprayed on so it sits in wait. I’ll take a trip tonight or tomorrow to pick some up so I can resume the build.
The Airacobra is fully painted and awaiting decals. I will apply them tonight and use the clear matte so I can weather it along with the Corsair.
Surprisingly, the Banshee is back on track and not far behind the other two. The nose and anti-glare shield were painted with flat black. When they dried, I masked them off and painted the leading edges silver. Those are masked and the airplane is all prepped for its first color. I will spend some time today getting that sprayed on and get it masked tomorrow for the final color.