Making Good Time

The workbench has been a platform for stable progress lately. I have shifted from one kit to another, constantly finding a new area to attack. The F-14 has made the most progress of the three. The cockpit is installed with the nose section being put together. I have sanded the seams and need to get it primed tonight. The rear section has been built with the air intakes and vertical stabilizers being installed beforehand. I moved on to prepping the wings for installation, painting the inner surfaces with flat red. I will mask them off tomorrow and get the wings attached. The final step will be to wed the nose section to the rest of the fuselage. The dry fit looks fantastic so I would expect all to go well.
The Bf 110 is finished with construction and ready to be painted. I installed the rear portion of the canopy this morning and I will paint the rest separate. The plan is to build the canopy in the open position. The paint scheme will be relatively easy for a German scheme. It’s just a two color paint job.
The P-47 is built and the painting has been started. The nose cowl was painted with flat red and I will mask the ring off tonight. I started the invasion stripes with the wings and belly being painted flat white. I will start masking them off and get the black painted on. There are a few more pieces to finish up before I can start final paint. All is moving better than I could hope for.





Power Session

Last night was productive on all three builds. I was able to make substantial growth. This morning saw me spend three hours at the workbench. It was mostly spent working on the F-14. This is truly a gem of a kit. I can honestly say that I have never built such a detailed kit. Every area of the aircraft has multiple parts to be put together. I love it! Among the accomplishments from today are the cockpit, landing gear, landing gear doors, air intakes, arresting hook assembly, and exhaust cans. It was quite a checklist. I worked on one area at a time and kept pushing forward. I have to make some ejection handles because I stole the ones from this kit to use on my Intruder build. The rest of the kit will still be complicated, but I have set myself up perfectly to proceed.
The Bf-110 remains a great kit as well. The wings and vertical stabilizers were attached last night and primed this morning. There are a few small gaps to be filled. Certainly nothing huge to worry about. My goal is to start painting this one tomorrow night.
The P-47 hit a little snag when I adhered the fuselage halves. There was a good size gap right behind the cockpit. I filled it last night and added some more this morning. I will sand and prime it tonight and hopefully move on to the wing attachment. The dry fit looked good so I am hoping that will stay the same.





Three Great Kits

The Bf 110 has gone from a pile of parts to the start of an airplane. It is certainly pacing the P-47 and F-14. So far so good. Fujimi has put out another quality kit. Construction has been quick and painless with great fitting pieces. The wings and fuselage halves are together and need the usual sanding to proceed. I should be able to knock that out tonight and get the wings attached tomorrow.
The P-47 is not far behind with the cockpit being done. I am waiting for the instrument panel to dry and then I can get the fuselage halves together. I will try to tackle that tonight. Aside from the flashing, this one is turning out to be a great kit. Revell stepped it up with this one. The fit is great so far and the detail is the best I have seen from Revell. I should move pretty quick from here on out.
Hasegawa’s F-14 is a fantastic kit. The amount of detail is going to hamper my timeframe. I consider that a good thing. I am excited to get deep into this one. The cockpit parts are painted and need to be assembled. I will aim for that getting done this evening and try to get the fuselage put together tomorrow. I’m going to have to take extra time with this one to get it right. I can foresee starting more kits before this one gets completed.




No Time to Waste

Hitting the ground running, I can’t afford to get complacent here. Along with the F-14, I have chosen two more kits to build. These two have been on my to-do list for quite a while now. I purchased both of them with the intent of building them right away. Time passed by and other kits made their own ascent to build status. The moment has finally come to fit them in.
To satisfy my WWII German aircraft craving, I am building Fujimi’s Messerschmitt Bf 110C/D. I will be constructing the “D” version. Opening the box reveals potential for a great build. The kit consists of 96 pieces on five trees. I have most of the parts clipped from the sprues and ready for some painting.
The next kit is one of my all time favorite aircraft. Revell’s P-47D-30 Thunderbolt looks like it may present some challenges. The kit has only 53 parts on five trees. An added problem is a great deal of flashing. I spent a good amount of time trimming parts yesterday. I have read good reviews about this kit so I will remain hopeful about it. I still haven’t decided on a paint scheme. I will research that today and work on getting some painting finished.


Hawker Tempest V

The Tempest has truly been a fantastic kit. The overall construction went favorably with just the wing roots needing extra attention. Academy did another fine job.
I like the result with this build. I am a big fan of the Hawker airplanes, with the Tempest and Typhoon being at the top of the list. It makes me want to get a Hurricane put together. This was such a relaxing kit to work on. It really did seem like it built itself. The decals were a little on the delicate side. That’s not such a big deal, though. The yellow leading edges on the wings almost never came to be. I was cleaning up all my tools and paints when I happened to study the instructions a little closer to realize that there was more to do. Not a huge detail, but it adds a good contrast to the airplane. It was an easy fix. I masked off the edges and brushed on the yellow. Normally I would have airbrushed it on, but I didn’t want to chance any mistakes. Crisis averted.
With this one complete, I can focus on the neglected F-14. I already have two more kits ready to be started as well. The Tempest was number thirty-six of my challenge. Only fourteen more to go.





P-40E Warhawk

Another great kit from Academy, the P-40 was a fun build. Doing the nose art myself added to the mix a new challenge of making my own masks. I am completely satisfied with the end result. This P-40 was more than a build to me. It is from the “AleutianTigers” squadron that served in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. My wife’s grandfather was stationed there during WWII, helping fend off the Japanese. He was not a pilot, but I thought this would be a fitting tribute to him and the service he gave to the United States of America. There is so much that I wish I could know about his time there but unfortunately he passed away nine years ago. So here is my second dedication in the past month. This one goes to George Szostek.
I enjoy the builds that have an added emotional tie to them. It gives an extra motivational factor to get it right and do a better job. From start to finish, this was a great build.






The MiG-15 is completed and up on the shelf. Airfix did well with this kit. I haven’t completely changed my mind on them, but this build may have helped a little.
Overall, this was a great build. There were no issues that required more than a minor fix. I would have liked to see an open canopy and more decals, but I can’t have it all. I went against the grain and steered away from the typical bare metal MiG-15. I chose to build one from the People’s Republic of Korea Air Force. The camouflage scheme has always appealed to me. This was a great follow up from the nightmare builds last month.