Birthdays and Model Building

Getting older isn’t ever the greatest of events. To make that disaster a little easier to swallow, we get distracted with presents! Yay! So for my 38th birthday this year, my wife and kids got me a fabulous gift.

When my Badger airbrush finally went kaput last year, I was left with my hands in the air scrambling to find a solution so I could finish up some painting. My Dad’s airbrush served as a loaner until I purchased my Aztek. That experience led me to the conclusion that I needed a two airbrush workbench. That conclusion came to fruition with the Iwata Neo. The trigger style airbrush has been debated, and going against all negative feedback that I have read about them, I bought one. I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet but it feels more natural with the trigger. I am really excited to get some paint flowing through it.

So with another airbrush added to the workbench, I needed to add another air line for easy access to both guns. That was easy enough after a trip to Menards for some supplies. With a “T’ and two shut-off valves, we are all set.

The F-15 was back on the workbench with the racks getting their filler. It was easier than I had originally thought so I am hoping the rest will be the same. I will give it a delicate sanding and evaluate if I need to add anymore filler. After I get past this hiccup, I can finish up final assembly.

With the F-15 in repair, the F-16 saw some weathering get finished. Since this is a Tiger Meet scheme, I kept it relatively clean. My next steps are to get the various blisters painted and affixed. Final assembly is right around the corner.

17 thoughts on “Birthdays and Model Building

  1. On your F-15 close up photo, I’ve noticed a somewhat course transition between the colours. I usually get such look when I’m spraying either paint that is to thick or using not enough air pressure. Try playing with these factors if you want a smooth transition between colours.

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    • Thanks for the tip. I was having quite a bit of trouble with this paint job. I kept having to stop and give a quick clean to unclog with the low pressure. The higher pressure would fan out the paint.


  2. I think you will really like that airbrush. I bought one last year and it has really improved my enjoyment of airbrushing camo patterns like mottling on German aircraft. It is very easy to use and control… much easier than a traditional double-action airbrush.

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  3. Happy birthday mate , mine is today ,the 18th ,but I’m just a tad older,( 63) and still loving modelling ,still the kid . My girls are getting used to the birthday wish list now ,plaster , glues ,plastic figures , I’m glad you got the toy you needed because with that little toy, you will keep producing your excellent paint jobs on your great models . I have just finished painting 200 odd figures for my next diorama and I would imagine, the younger generation modellers like yourself could use an airbrush ,but alas for some old dogs like l myself ,I just have to keep on going with the old paint brush .

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    • Thank you! Happy Birthday to you as well! Don’t sell yourself short there. 200 figures is a nightmare for me! If you peruse through my gallery, you’ll notice that I never include any aircrew. Maybe I should give them another try?

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      • Do try as I always felt that it gave them a little more realism , I remember doing my favourite ,the B-17 and all its crew, and then the B-25 ,they were really well produced figures ,a little better than the spindly pilots provided in the 60’s .

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