The Let Down

While the weekend didn’t pan out like I had hoped for, I did get some quality work accomplished. The F-15 wouldn’t have been finished anyway, due to the ordnance not getting finished. Another, more delicate, issue arose during final assembly. The external stores attached to the conformal fuel tanks refused to fit well. With some sanding and trimming, I made them workable. They will need to be filled, unfortunately, before I can call this build finished.

On a positive note, the landing gear and bay doors are attached and the aircraft is on its feet. There are some added efforts to knock out now and I am really not super concerned with them. I will focus on a steady fix and keep working towards finishing this build up soon.

Decals were the pressing matter of the weekend and I finished them up this morning. The F-15’s ordnance were main priority so they were addressed first. After they were all finished up, I shifted over to the F-16. There wasn’t much more to finish with a minimal second half of decal application. It will be out to the garage from here for some dullcote. Depending on how extensive my fix is on the F-15, the F-16 may move into the top slot to be finished.

2 thoughts on “The Let Down

    • I’m not sure about tips. If you already have a basic knowledge with your WWII experience you have a good start. Modern aircraft are much more in depth at times. The Harrier will have some extra details that a P-51 won’t have. If you keep to the instructions and do your homework you should survive just fine. I have built a couple Harriers in the past and can’t recall any groundbreaking issues that I had. I’m here if you have any other questions. Good luck!

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