Weekly Update

My weekly output has been focused mainly on finishing up the F-15 build. With my work schedule sucking up more free time lately, I feel that adding anything else would be disastrous. The time that I have been able to dedicate to the F-15 has been miniscule, but I have been able to take some huge steps towards completing this kit.

Weathering the F-15 slotted in as my main goal for the week. That was dutifully accomplished Tuesday evening and then it went out to get all sealed in with clear matte. From this point on it will be all final assembly and touch-ups.

My other minor accomplishment was to get the ordnance glossed for decals. This should have been addressed weeks ago but here we are. Decals will be a joint effort with the rest of the F-16’s decal application. Two birds with one stone. I am hoping for a weekend finish here with the F-15. Maybe a Monday finish with the F-16?

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