Spring Break

Well it’s Spring Break, again and this year the Amateur Airplanes workbench has traveled to Gettysburg, PA. There is quite a bit more to do than I had thought so my build time has dwindled. We’ve been here since Saturday and today was my first chance to unpack the Focke Wulf, P-70, and F-22.

The Focke Wulf was first up with the engine cowling getting wedded together and the lower half of the wings being attached to the fuselage. I plan on getting the tops of the wings attached before I do anything else. From there will be all the filling and sanding.

The P-70 and its’ gap issues were next up with a gallon of filler added. Not really but there will be a lot to be applied in many future sessions. I used Testors filler to get the gaps filled in. When I sand that down, I will apply some Tamiya filler for the rest of the time.

Preparation was not the name of the game when packing the F-22. I forgot to pack a  rattle can of flat white for some more preliminary painting. That aside, I was able to work on the cockpit and get it installed. The ejection seat will need some added details so I will install it at the end of the build. Hopefully I can find a hobby shop so I can grab some paint today. I’d like to get those parts painted and installed on this trip.

6 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Really great work , you certainly punch out a lot of projects , I started out long ago making aircraft models ,and particularly love the WW11 American ones . The painting jobs you do are really great ,something I could not master , I have enough trouble with my little guys .

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    • Thank you! I don’t get as many finished as I used to but I’m trying! WWII is my favorite to build but I lean more towards German aircraft. I hide my mistakes in the pictures. Trust me, they are on every build I complete. I’m still learning how to airbrush!!!


      • AHH , smart work , airbrushing is the way to go ,some of my figure modellers use it and it seems to give a great result ,so keep at it as I think it works really well with model aircraft and vehicles. Always good to hide ones mistakes , I can get away with many minor errors as the human eye has so much to take in so much so they don’t notice mistakes as much as we do a single item . But some people will always be picky ,not that they would bother looking up our creative sights ! .

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