Happy Anniversary, Elsa

Today’s happenings are certainly nothing to brag about. The only thing I managed to get done on the A-10’s is attaching the vertical stabilizers. That is about all I can accomplish and for great reason. Today is one of those milestone moments in my life. Ten years ago today, I married the most beautiful woman in the world. I think I fooled her and she had no clue that building models was on the docket in our future. Even I was clueless to that fact but here we are ten years later. I get a lot of compliments on my models but if it weren’t for her unrelenting support for my admiration of this great hobby, it would be worthless. Thank you Elsa and Happy Anniversary!

So to piggyback on that support aspect, I was able to recently check off a long awaited kit to my collection. For the past couple of years, I have had an ongoing search for Trumpeter’s 1/72 Hawker Sea Fury. Now I don’t mind paying retail for it, it’s the outrageous cost to ship it to me that I have the problem with. Luckily for me, I apprehended it for less than retail with very reasonable shipping. Last week, I finally snagged it off ebay for a steal at $10.95. It’s just one of many on my checklist but any day that I can grab one is a good day. With the Sea Fury here, I cannot wait so it has been added to the next set. It looks great in the box so I can’t wait to get going.

Another addition came last night in Hasegawa’s 1/72 Me-262B. It’s German, it’s WWII, it’s an Me-262. Perfect conditions! The kit looks great in the box. Since my last Me-262 was from Hasegawa, I am assuming and hoping it will mirror my last one. I am also looking to make this one a diorama if I can find a suitable base for it. My search last night didn’t reveal any promise but I will keep searching. My total is up to six for the next build so I think I will make the Me-262 the limit. 



30 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Elsa

  1. Wait, I thought I married the most beautiful girl in the world! I was sort of building when I met her so I can claim she knew about these boxes of styrene before he married me.
    I have a 1/72 Me262b in queue for the summer of Messerschmidt, after I finish the Bf-110s and the 3 1/32 scale 109s that are on next.
    Looking forward to seeing your build.

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  2. Congrats! Seems you chose your wife well. Good for you! Looking forward to seeing the Sea Fury. It’s one of my all-time faves ( I know I always say that, but this one’s really on the short list of super-faves.) 😉

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