4 thoughts on “Lightning F Mk.6

  1. There are several of these dotted around the country, usually stuck on a enormous metal support. I always wonder (hope) someone will put one back in service, as I was too young to see them fly.


    • I’d imagine with the advanced aircraft in the British sky’s there won’t be a return for the Lightning. It looks like it would have been fast and loud. I’ve been wanting to get another one built soon. It’s been on my wait list for a while now.


  2. Very fast, very loud. I saw them fly at RAF Leuchars as a kid, and I believe there were still flying examples at Thunder City South Africa until a couple of years ago I understand that they are too noisy to be allowed to fly in the UK.

    Seeing one of these do a full afterburner take-off is likely the closest thing i will ever get to seeing a Saturn V moon launch. Incredibly impressive. Coincidentally, building the Airfix 1/72 F2A model at the moment. Lovely kit, but I had an airbrush disaster so it may end up in the bin.. 😦


    • I’ve always admired the Lightning. It looks like it’s zooming even on the ground. A true rocket with wings.
      I hope you made it through your airbrush dilemma. Been there too many times myself.


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