Lets Try This Again

I’m not sure what it is lately but I just can’t find the time to get my butt moving on the mass of unfinished airplanes that adorn my workbench. When I do manage a few moments, I can’t muster up the motivation to actually sit down and pursue my ultimate goal of finishing them. The intentions are there and good, so I have decided to re-route my priorities.

The F-16 & F-15 builds have received the royal treatment for too long, creating a sort of motivation vacuum of sorts. I am not thrilled with how they are turning out and I just can’t seem to get a flow going. They are both in final assembly which shocks me that I can’t get them finished but it’s time to let them sit until I can be happy working on them again. Until that happens, I have three other builds that are desperately awaiting some progress.

With my new course set, I began with the Focke Wulf. We have some work to do with this one and I have a solid game plan in place. The lower halves of the wings were the last thing to be addressed so I picked up there. The upper halves were attached with some angst and a lot of adjusting. They’re on and I can work with them now. The seam in the nose was also sanded and I will get some primer on today. Depending on the outcome of my sanding, I will flip the aircraft and work on shoring up the imperfections of the wing installation.

The P-70 and its mile of sanding was next up on the workbench yesterday. The upper seams look like I can pass by soon. The lower seam is going to be a project. Lucky for me, I have played this game before. I refilled the lower seam and covered the cockpits with Silly Putty. From there it was out to the garage for primer. I will bring it in this afternoon and get back to sanding.

The F-22 was last on the workbench docket for some much-needed interior assembly. The wheel bay, air intakes, engines, and weapons bays were assembled and installed. Academy really showed up with this kit. There are plenty of builds within the build to complete and I like that. I will evaluate where I stand and hopefully get both fuselage halves together today.