Follow Instructions

As a somewhat seasoned model builder, I tend to take the instructions as a basic guide. I am confident that “I know” what I am doing most of the time and that pride in myself has steered me into a pickle. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to devote tonight at the workbench which was a bummer. Playing the part of responsible home owner by mowing my lawn was first on the agenda when I got home from work.

Second on the list was getting a little farther with the F-22. The fuselage halves were what I really wanted to get joined together tonight. The lower half of the nose section needed to be attached to the rest of the lower fuselage half before I could get started. Or so I thought! While trying the ever important dry fit, I noticed that the nose section could not be attached as it was intended to. Going back and studying the directions, I observed that the air intakes are to be installed AFTER the nose section. Doh! Lucky for me, the intakes came out with some ease and with my tail tucked between my legs, I proceeded to do things the right way.

While I didn’t get exactly what I wanted to get accomplished, I am very thankful to move past this hiccup with somewhat ease.