Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! It’s a sunny morning here at Amateur Airplanes and I am thrilled to report that all is well at the workbench. With the A-10 finally finished, I can start focusing on finishing up the F-15 and F-16 builds. Remember those two? Yeah, it’s been a while. Logically, they should have been finished weeks ago. In Amateur Airplanes time, they’re right on track! Seriously though, they just need their remaining decals applied, weathering, and final assembly. Not much at all.

The F-15 took its turn yesterday afternoon getting the rest of its decals applied to the aircraft. It made its way out to the garage for some clear matte this morning. Weathering will be next. Ordnance, external fuel tanks, Litening pod, and Navigation pod will get glossed today and taken care of tomorrow with the F-16.

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