Exhaust Stains

The F-15 & F-16 are coming along very slowly as of late. The little detail projects have become tedious and a massive time killer. The F-15’s external stores have been conquered but upon attaching the rack for the Litening Pod, the same issue arose as with the other racks. I feel like Mark Watney (Matt Damon) in the movie “The Martian”. At the end he says that “if you solve enough problems, you get to come home”. That sums up this build for final assembly. The new problem will get filled today and shaped up tomorrow.

While all the annoying wrinkles are being ironed out, I worked on something simple to ease my mind. Both airplanes’ exhaust cans were addressed this morning. The F-16’s saw some assembly get finished up before being attached to the fuselage. The F-15 just got a little weathering. It’s all about little victories at this point.

4 thoughts on “Exhaust Stains

  1. Very nice, that looks really effective -so did you weather them with pastels? t

    I’ve just been catching up with your blog – You’ve got some really cool stuff going on and that A-10 is excellent, That was a really cool idea for a build!

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    • Thank you! Yes, I weather with pastels. I have tried the whole pre-shading but never get the results that I want.
      The A-10 idea was something that I had been thinking about and dragging my feet on for a while. I finally conjured up a game plan and went with it. It’s different for sure but it works I think.


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