Keep On Keepin’ On

Trying to stay in the model building mode, I am taking on any project that I can to further these build along. The F-16 and F-15 really need to be completed and I plan on addressing that soon. In the meantime, the F-22 was first up.

Not a whole lot completed with the fuselage halves being affixed to each other. My little hiccup with the intakes resulted in a bad fit. So filling and sanding will take place next.

The Focke Wulf saw its underside and engine cowling get sanded yesterday. The port side wing had a horrible fit so I broke it loose and made some adjustments. Primer will be the next step here and we will go from there.

Revell has given me a project in the P-70. It’s been a good lesson in sanding, I guess. The spine of the fuselage was sanded yesterday and wasn’t on par in any sense. Another round of filler was in order which was promptly applied after the belly was sanded down. I am hopeful that the primer will show positive results on the belly so I can focus on the spine. The wings will be an upcoming addition here soon. I expect some resistance and I would like to face it as soon as possible.

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