The Fruits of my Labor

After weeks of complaining about my lack of time to build, I am finished with my F3H-2N Demon. It was a pleasant build overall with few issues. A few gaps and ill fitting parts were the only setbacks. The decals for this kit were wonderful. A little on the thicker side, they went on quite well. They also react superb with decal set. Although I was disappointed with the lack of Emhar’s attention to detail, I am pleased with the end result. For the price, it stings a little to see what you get for your investment. For the ease of the build, it was worth it. Thank you to all of you who encouraged me through this one. It’s tough when there aren’t enough minutes in the day to get projects finished. With patience and determination, this Demon has a parking spot on my shelf and not half complete in it’s box.



245 thoughts on “The Fruits of my Labor

  1. I love your blog. My second cousin restored old planes and was the president of a New England group. He flew Peter Jackson around New Zealand during the filming of the Tolkien trilogy. Ironically, he died in a plane crash several years ago. Your blog reminds me of him.


  2. Thanks for the likes. My brother had a lot of model airplanes; he had them hanging from the ceiling, but then our mother decided to dust them. Did more damage than the Luftwaffe. He never forgave her.


  3. I’m glad you stopped by my Blog, because otherwise I may never have found yours. Absolutely amazing site you have here, and you do some really amazing work, I’ll be coming back frequently to explore a little as one of my hobbies when I was a little younger was doing exactly what you appear to be so good at. I don’t think I ever had your level of talent, however, or dedication for that matter. But thanks again, and I’ll see you later.


    • Thank you! I appreciate the kind compliments. I get so many people that can relate to this hobby from their younger years. I built as a kid and walked away for twenty years before I picked it up again. I certainly understand it a whole lot better now. It is a great stress reliever.


  4. Hi there! I know nothing of model building, but I do know of artistry; and you really are one. Beautiful, meticulous work. And thanks for stopping by eve’s apple! ~Marisa (

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    • Thank you! It’s a learning process, that’s for sure. I certainly didn’t use my current process when I first started but I figured it out along the way. In fact, I am still figuring it out!


  5. I love airplanes, especially jets. We have an Air Force Base nearby and it is always a pleasure to hear the roar of the planes. Nice collection and hobby…..your work is wonderful!

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  6. Great to know about what you are doing. I am afraid my hands are only feet for writing and mechanics is a stickler for me. I used to be fascinated of airplanes when I was a boy, now I like travelling in them. Anand Bose from Kerala

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