Well it’s only 9:00 o’clock in the morning and I am tapped out on my model building for the day. I’m tempted to open up another kit and get started. The usual urge is there but I think I will refrain. Better to stay the course. 

The morning started off as I had hoped with the airbrush getting fired up for four of the five builds. The Avenger is finalized and should be the first to see completion. The Babs is pending more paint. I’m not too sure if I want to leave it be or add some camouflage. I can’t resist a camouflage scheme so I will probably go with that. The Spitfire will need one last color. The air pressure problem needs to be fixed first though. I will address that today so I don’t interrupt my good flow. Lastly, the Stuka just got a little detail paint work. As you know I am not a fan of decals when I can use paint so I airbrushed RLM04 on the waist and both sides of the wings. I’ll give it a good mask tomorrow and start the main camouflage.

Big day for the F-18. The wings were affixed this morning with zero fight. I think I can get by with no filler. The other seams looked so so. I sanded them down again and I think I should be fine. That’s primarily why I put the wings on today. If all is well after some primer, I think I will be good to wrap up construction and move on to paint. 

More good news with the F-18 today as well. Through some diligent research, I found a set of Two Bobs decals for an OIF, OEF, OIR Hornet. I am going to give this F-18 an unorthodox load out and I needed a recent squadron depiction from one of the three theaters. We’re good now so game on.

Today Was A Great Day 

Today’s production came as a bit of a surprise to me. I mean, I had already planned on getting some work done like I always do. Only this morning actually saw me follow through with my agenda and quite honestly, it came as a spur of the moment whim.

My top priority this morning was actually to change the oil in my wife’s Explorer. I did get that done too, by the way. As I was getting everything prepped to tackle the oil change, I noticed I had an hour until I had to take my kids to school. An hour was more than enough time to get the Stuka and Avenger out to the airbrush. And that I did. The underside of the Stuka and the middle color to the Avenger were applied with little resistance from my airbrush. I have a little air pressure dilemma going on but I can limp through it for now. I will mask them both off tomorrow and get back to the airbrush.

Some more good news came in the mail today. The paint for the Spitfire and Babs has arrived. I held off on painting the Babs because I just couldn’t use Japanese Navy Sky Gray when Army Light Gray is needed. I figured that I should get the Gray that I needed while I was already ordering the Middlestone for the Spitfire. Two birds with one stone kinda thing. So I will get them started tomorrow along with the Avenger and Stuka.

The F-18 even saw some work done today. I gave it a thorough sanding and applied a good coat of primer over all the seams to see where I stand. I’ll take a look at it tonight to see what lies ahead of me here. I’d say the workbench is gaining steam again this week and hopefully we will see a finished kit by the weekend. 

Shifting The Focus 

The workbench activity hasn’t exactly been bursting forth the past couple of days, but I have kept a pulse going at the very least. While I wait for my paint to come in for the Spitfire, I have found that that is an easy excuse to not get the others painted. Regardless, I really haven’t had the time to fully dedicate to a solid session at the airbrush so I have been working on the F-18 here and there. 

I’m quite happy with the F-18’s progress so far. The cockpit was finished a few days ago and installed. I let that set up over night and resumed with wedding the fuselage halves together. The seams are so so. Some good, some bad. I applied some filler this morning and I think I can get a good grasp on them tomorrow after some sanding. All in all, the F-18 is becoming a pretty nice build. I’m still on the hunt for some good decals and I better get a move on with the way it’s going. Not the very worst problem to have, I guess.

Sticking To It

The first hiccup has surfaced since my return and it’s completely my fault. I made an assumption that one of the colors for the Spitfire would be Dark Sand. My mistake will lead to a slight hiatus until I can obtain the correct color of Middlestone. Plenty of work remains on the other three builds so I’m not too worried about it. 

Business as usual on the Babs and Avenger this morning. I applied filler to the canopies and masked off the Avenger.  I’ll give them both a quick sand and should be all clear for final paint along with the Stuka. Getting out to the airbrush is always my biggest hurdle so I’m crossing my fingers. 

The F-18 saw the biggest progress today. The cockpit was the main focus as usual. The ejection seat is only lacking its seatbelts. The instrument panel decals were applied and will get a good coat of clear tomorrow. After all that, I worked on the air intake assembly and turning a two-place Hornet into a one-place. It wasn’t as hard as it sounds. I’ve set myself up pretty good and should see huge gains soon. 

I’m On A Roll

Well, well, well. Two days in a row. As you can see, I straightened up from yesterday and started fresh this morning. Simple tasks were the basis of today’s productivity on all four current kits as well as the next one in line. 

So the Stuka and Spitfire were yet again easy to work with today. I sanded the filler on the canopy edges and shot a good coat of primer on them. So far so good. The Stuka wasn’t quite finished for the morning after the priming. I assembled the landing gear struts, sanded them, and then attached them to their rightful places. The goal is to begin final paint on both kits in the morning.

The Babs and Avenger both had their canopies installed. They will both need some filler applied tomorrow before I can move on. As with the Stuka, the Babs had its landing gear struts assembled and installed. It’s looking like everything is moving forward quite well. I am finally starting to see some positive results.

After working on the four current builds this morning, I didn’t want to quit. With all avenues blocked, I thought that today was a great day to begin the next build. If you remember from months ago, I wanted to build a filthy, war weary, Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom Hornet. I’ve gathered what I need and proceeded with minor assembly and preliminary paint this morning. This one will stay on the back burner until I can free up more time to work on it. Regardless, it feels nice to have it started.

The Slow Return

There were a few comments following my last post about the tidiness of my work area. While I do like to keep a somewhat organized desk, it will inevitably look like the photo below. And that’s the product of a good forty minute session today. 

The canopies were the topic of my last post and they remain at the forefront of my current progress. The Spitfire and Stuka were the easy projects this morning with just a few minor gaps to fill. The Babs and the Avenger received a little detail work with their cockpits. I installed the various tiny parts and held off on the canopy installation. I didn’t want to risk any fogging to the canopies so I will let the glue set up and get them attached tonight.

It’s slow going so far but two sessions down and I’m feeling pretty accomplished. The routine is starting to come back so I’m hoping for a quick recovery. 

I’m Officially Back

Okay. Maybe it was a little presumptuous to say that I was back thirteen days ago. It definitely was. My intentions were solid, but the time and effort had not quite caught up with me. In my defense, I was fighting an illness during that stretch and also adding a key component to my “model room”. My very awesome wife bought me a desk to work at so now all my excuses are worthless because I finally have a private space to freely work on all of my builds. So I spent a day or so setting it up to my specifications. There will be some tweaking but it’s working for now.

The desk was huge for morale, but the real breakthrough came last night when I cracked open a bottle of paint for the first time in a few months. I decided that I didn’t like how the four kits were being built so I changed up the flow. For some reason beyond my knowledge, I originally planned on the canopies being installed after final paint. Now, that would be fine if any of them were in the “open” position. I’m sure I had a reason for that decision, but I can’t think of what it could be. Nevertheless, I masked all four canopies yesterday afternoon and installed two of them. The Stuka and Spitfire have their canopies affixed and NOW they are cleared for final paint. If you can remember that far back, you will recall that the Spitfire’s underside has been painted already so I am ahead of the game a little on that front.

The Babs and Avenger needed a little bit more work on their interiors with some added paint. The Babs is good to go now but the Avenger needs just a tiny bit more detail work done. I have to go to work in a few hours so I’m thinking that will have to wait until the morning when I get home.