Canberra PR.9

I’m happy with the results that the PR.9 turned out. However, I find the kit lacking in detail as usual. It’s has a great deal of surface area that there is so much that Revell could have added to make a much better kit. My usual complaint of a closed canopy and rudimentary detail on the inside lead the list. An opened up engine compartment would have been the perfect compliment. All in all I can’t complain a whole lot because it still came out well enough. 

The decals were a bit of an issue too. Well, the instructions for the decal placement proved to be the culprit. Some decals weren’t labeled at all where to go. Just a mystery line with no number assigned. Most of the time I was left trying to figure out where each line pointed too due to them blending into the aircrafts paint guide. Not a fun time but I think I managed to get through okay. 

My own little mistake almost left me with a tail sitter. When I have to add weight to any kit, I always try to leave a contingency plan just in case I didn’t add enough. The Canberras plan was to add more through the cockpit if needed. Looney me, I affixed the canopy before giving it a test to see if it would stand on all three (four) wheels. Of course it wasn’t adequate enough. I removed the canopy and dumped a whole lot more weight in until I was more than sufficient. Problem solved, canopy reinstalled. This also worries me because now I’m doubting myself on the other Canberra. At least I’m prepared.

Mitsubishi F-2A & F-16C Fighting Falcon

The similarities between the F-2 and F-16 are absolutely obvious in these pictures. I wanted to show both together to display their differences as well. Can you spot them? Wikipedia thankfully has a good image in the overlay of their profiles.

The F-16C is a kit I built a few years ago that seems to always be on hand when I need to compare F-16’s. Or in this case it’s Japanese cousin.

Mitsubishi F-2A 

Hasegawa couldn’t have done a better job on this kit. A performance like this is why we pay the premium for their kits. I had a great time building this kit. Great detail and a wonderful paint scheme. This F-2 depicts the 60th anniversary of the J.A.S.D.F. I think the markings give a nice elegance to the aircraft. 

This model was purchased a few months back and put on the shelf without much thought to building it. It was one of those “add it to the cart to get free shipping” kind of scenerios. I’m glad that I added it.  Nevertheless, I’m very happy to have built it and it’ll go right next to its F-16 cousins when I get my shelves up.

F9F-8 Cougar

The Cougar turned out to be one of those all around great builds to work on. I very happily cruised on through without much adversity. Great cockpit detail and workable decals highlight this kit. It was a combo from Hasegawa so I have another to build in the future. 

The clear matte didn’t turn out how I had expected but I still think it turned out well. For some reason it dried with a slight gloss instead of a flat look. Even multiple coats from different spray cans produced the same irking result. I played the hand dealt and moved on. I certainly can’t ever expect to be problem free and I am very pleased with the end result. The feeling of finishing a model never gets old. 

B-25B Mitchell

Well, I am seven days removed from the 74th anniversary of the Doolittle raid. I actually was unaware of the anniversary heading into this build, otherwise I would have given a little better effort to have it done on the 18th. Oh well. The B-25 is complete and I gladly set it up on the shelf next to the Wildcat for now.

Given the fact that this kit is about as old as I am, I won’t be harsh on it. I would have liked to see more detail, of course. An opened up bomb bay would be great to see as well. I know there are other B-25 kits on the market to try, I’m just not sure if there are any “B” variants which is what was used during the raid. Regardless, I am finished and happy with the overall result. That’s what matters most I guess.



When I got home from work this morning, I didn’t want to let another day slip past without making it back out to the airbrush to get some much desired painting finished up. So instead of going to sleep this morning like I normally would have done, I took an hour to make some progress. 

The F-2 kicked off the morning by receiving its final color. I’m very happy with the two tone blue paint scheme. Granted, it’s not technically an F-16 but nevertheless it’s interesting to see this paint scheme on this aircraft . It works well and I’m excited to get the decals applied which will hopefully happen tomorrow. 

 The B-57 was next with the first of the two greens needed for the SEA camouflage scheme. I never tire of this scheme and will try to get out to the airbrush again in the morning to finish it off. 

 The Pr.9 was finished up with painting this morning and is ready for decals. I’ll try to get them applied right along with the F-2. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me with my wife’s birthday tomorrow and a double at work on Sunday. I’ll take what I can get for now and see where I am on Monday. 


Minor Snag

Not a whole lot happened at the workbench today. I discovered that I was out of the dark green needed for the B-57 so I decided to just work on a few little aspects instead of heading out to the airbrush. When I get the color that I need then I’ll stroll out there and finish up. 

It was a relaxed approach today with the F-2, B-25, and Cougar getting some bench time. I started off with the B-25’s decal application. There were very few to apply so it was a pretty quick session. I was able to grab a set from Starfighter Decals representing Jimmy Doolitle’s aircraft. Great decals and very nice to work with. 

 The Cougar and F-2 were all just touch up and minor paint work. The Cougar needed it’s wingtips and leading edges painted while the F-2 just needed it’s nose painted. The F-2 still needs it’s final color. The Cougar will get it’s decals applied tomorrow and hopefully get completed by the weekend.