Gaining More Ground

Tonight wasn’t a massive effort at the workbench but every little bit adds up. The A-10’s wings were my main goal and I progressed farther than I had originally planned. Getting the wing roots filled was as far as I thought that I would get. As a bonus, I was able to sand them and get some primer applied. They will need some more work but it’s not as bad as I feared.

While the filler was drying on the A-10, the Blackhawk entered the fray. There was one last gap to fill at the top of the windscreen. I masked everything off and gave it a good layer of filler. Once that is sanded correctly, I should be able to focus on wrapping construction up. Maybe, just maybe, I can begin final paint this weekend.

Tragedy Fixed

The broken tail of the A-10 was priority number one this afternoon and I did not disappoint myself. In all actuality, it was one of the easier fixes that I have had to partake in. Sanding went smooth and easy so I should be able to put this behind me. The canopy and nose also saw some final sanding as well.

The wings were the next big step to take and they are a little worrisome with the gaps in the wing roots. I ended up needing to re-glue them this evening to try and fill the gaps a little better. I don’t want to rely on just filler to keep them attached to the fuselage. I foresee some extra care being taken on that subject.

The Hind and the Blackhawk were shortly worked on today. The Hind received its decals this afternoon. Very few to apply made for a quick session. I’m digging this scheme. The Blackhawk had some sanding done and then straight out to the garage for some primer. There still remains a few hours of sanding but I’m getting there.

Tragedy Strikes Again

Maybe the six month hiatus from building models has done some good because I haven’t seen production like this in quite some time. The past two years have sort of been a struggle to find my way. I’m getting comfortable with my approach and it’s all becoming muscle memory again.

The easy direction was taken this afternoon first with the Hind. The airbrush was still running a muck but it worked fine for an all Dark Green skin. The new scheme looks good and I am glad for the change. I will give it a good gloss coat tomorrow to prepare for decals.

The A-10 saw a little more action today. A minor tragedy occurred when I was attempting to affix the stabilizers. Don’t ask me how, but the tail cracked in bizarre fashion. There must have been an underlying issue beforehand because I’m not the Incredible Hulk here. There wasn’t much pressure being applied but that dagger of a sound rang. The world stopped for a second as I realized what happened and assessed the damage. It’s honestly an easy fix and I’m not too concerned with it. It’s just a big time sucker.

So I glued the crack back together and then added some strips of spare sprue to add some strength for when I sand the seams. After that was handled, I proceeded onto more construction. The engine nacelles and wheel bays were attached and await their turns with filler and some sanding. The gaps around the canopy and the forever gap in the nose were the last little project for the afternoon. They were smartly filled and I will give them a final sanding tomorrow. Aside from the broken tail, it was a good session with the A-10. I am starting to get real excited about this build.


Sort of playing the role of Robin Hood tonight, I robbed from three of my stash kits to give to the three remaining builds at the workbench. It’s not the most ideal strategy to take from a fresh model, but that is one of the reasons for a stash right? So I grabbed an A-10, Blackhawk, and Hind from the stacks and proceeded to pillage what I needed.

We’ll start off with the Blackhawk. Many moons ago when I last worked on this build, I managed to break one of the window frames off the door. I have no clue as to what I was doing to cause this but here we are. So a new door was needed. The correct door was removed and obviously needed to be customized to fit. My razor saw made quick work and it was just a little fine tuning with some sand paper for a proper fit. I left the window out to hopefully prevent the windscreen from fogging from the super glue. If there happens to be any, I will use some Future to clean it up.

The A-10 was second in line tonight with some encouraging progress. The filler on the nose was sanded for what I am hoping is the final time. After that, I added some ballast to the nose and installed the canopy. I set that aside to dry and focused my attention on the engine nacelles. The sanding went pretty well, in my opinion, and I think I may be able to affix them to the fuselage tomorrow. The thievery tonight wasn’t a major piece in itself. All I needed was an external fuel tank. I have one from my spares box already but I needed an extra for the diorama. The fuel tank was assembled and set aside while I took the nacelles and fuselage out to get some primer applied.

The next stolen part was for the Hind. Sometime in the last week, I lost the cap to one of the rocket pods. Now we’re all squared away with all four assembled, sanded, and primed. The wheels were next with the hubs getting painted green and I will finish the tires off tomorrow with a good application of rubber. The helicopter itself should make its way out to the airbrush tomorrow as well.

Dilemma Solved

My ongoing issues with my airbrush have been worrying me when it relates to the upcoming session with the Hind. The two basic colors for the top and bottom are of no concern. The third color to create the camouflage is the alarm bell ringing in my head. With the spattering issue that I have been experiencing, I don’t even want to chance it. Masking is definitely an option. A very time consuming and frustrating one at that. I’ve noticed that masking a helicopter is a lot different than masking an aircraft. 

The fact that the Hind is a way more popular helicopter than the Eurocopter, I thought that different markings would be more readily available. I was correct! My search criteria was pretty basic…no camouflage! I found a set of Techmod decals for a Polish Hind that will work out great. The camouflage would be better visually but my happiness with the build is priority. Besides, the all dark green looks kind of menacing. Also, I try to never miss an opportunity to get some Polish markings applied. My wife’s family is Polish so it’s always special to represent them when I can. 

Ideally, it’s not the wisest plan to change up the scheme this late but I figure I can get it painted and work on the A-10 in the meantime. The Blackhawk will eventually get eased in as well. There are lots of projects with that one so I wanted to clear some better-off kits out of the way first. 

Eurocopter Tigre H.A.P. 

If not for the hiccup with my airbrush, I would be pretty happy with this build. I’m happy its completed, but I am disappointed that I couldn’t fix the paint more. I tried my best to hide the blunder in the weathering but it remains an eye sore. You can’t win them all I guess.

The desert scheme was my second choice due to a lack of securing some German markings. That leaves the door open for another build. Regardless of what ifs, it’s nice to have the third helicopter finished. Construction went well and I will continue to give Italeri my approval. I can’t recall any issues during this build aside from my own equipment.

UH-1B Huey 

Continuing with a hopeful trend of actually finishing builds again, today we see the finished Huey. In my eyes, it’s an American icon and my favorite helicopter to grace the skies. Maybe it’s the history behind it but the Huey has a certain legendary status about it. My hat forever remains off for those of you who actually were employed in one of them. Especially this Medevac variant. 

I think this was only the third or fourth build that I have done from HobbyBoss. The kit itself was quality but not without its shortcomings. Gap issues were the main hinderance. Not massive Revell/Monogram style but a few too many for my liking. Other than those, I enjoyed this kit. 

The second shortcoming was of my own hand. I should have used the same logic as I do with airplanes and added some weight in the nose somewhere. The result being that it sits tilted back on its skids. To fool you guys in the photos, I had to put a book under one side of the photo booth so the Huey would rest solid on its skids. Lesson learned for next time.