Back At It

The workbench has been in a bit of a funk lately and I am hoping that the thirty minutes spent attending to the Peggy and Beaufighter this afternoon will be what I need to inject some life into these builds.

Over the last few weeks, I have slowly progressed on both builds. The Beaufighter has had its wings attached and wing roots filled and sanded. This afternoon saw the horizontal stabilizers attached. I’m feeling good about how things are coming together so far. Tomorrow will see some minor preliminary painting of landing gear, engines, and propellers. I would like to get the glass masked and dry fitted as well as some miniscule  sanding on the vertical stabilizer. 

The Peggy has left a very relieved grin on my face. All gaps have been filled along the upper and lower fuselage seams. That was actually finished up about a week ago. So today was focused on the wings. I wanted to attach them this afternoon but I opted not to so I can have more leverage with the engine nacelle/gear bays. There will be some sanding before I can attach them to each respective wing. After that will be some filling and sanding. That will be addressed tomorrow. My goal is to have the nacelles attached to the wings and the first application of filler applied to the gaps. All the glass will be a priority tomorrow like the Beaufighter. 

So do you remember the British Mustang? I sure do! Well good news about it at least. It is all masked and ready to be re-painted to cover the yellow overspray. I would really love to take care of that tomorrow but we all know how lazy I get when it comes to my airbrush. Here’s hoping!

2017, Post #1

Yikes! It’s 2017 already. Well, belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone. Last year was certainly a roller coaster for me so I am hoping this year will be better on the workbench. I haven’t quite gone over the list of builds from 2016 yet but I can guarantee that I didn’t come close to my productivity from 2014 & 2015. The new house was a worthy excuse that I am still using. Nevertheless, I was able to get some good builds in and that’s what counts.

So the last week and a half saw little activity at the workbench. My British Mustang still sits awaiting a third paint job. We’ll see what the week brings. I am hoping to get out to the garage tomorrow. The whole aircraft shouldn’t need painted. Only the overspray areas. The rest should go very quick for my first build of the year.

The Helicopter project remains on schedule with some diligent work here and there. I have the basics cut from the sprues and most of the wind screens masked. I have quickly come to realize that I am out of my element here and will need to study up on my helicopters. The little things are what worry me. Colors of the cockpit, instruments, and tiny details are the main concern. I will get there. There are a few books in my collection that I can peruse through along with internet searches. Regardless, this is good for me. I need to step out of the box every now and then. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some armour coming to the workbench. I may have to change my site name if this becomes a regular occurrence!

The real progress comes in the Beaufighter and Peggy. It may not look like much, but I have slowly been going through the motions with the fuselage sanding on both builds. The Peggy is coming along with a fresh application of filler. The Beaufighter passed with only two small gaps to be filled tonight. They were so minor that I decided to install the wings. Major confidence boost there! The wing roots look good so I think it should move along nicely from here.

The Helicopter Project 

Every once in a while, I get a few questions asking why I don’t build any helicopters. Well, I really don’t have a profound and scientific answer for that except for my greater interest in airplanes. Helicopters are extremely interesting and invaluable aircraft. They actually amaze me more than airplanes in the fact that they can get off the ground without any forward thrust. So, it’s helicopter time.

I truly do love helicopters and I have noticed the lack of effort into this category of the aviation world. Call it a New Years resolution if you will, but I am going to try to add a few throughout 2017. To kick off the year, I have gone completely crazy and will begin five helicopter builds. There was no real criteria in choosing except that one of them HAD TO be a Huey. I can’t think of a more iconic subject than that.

When it comes to the Huey, I have a few options to pick from. In the end, I chose Hobby Boss’s 1/72 UH-1B. I wanted to build a medevac variant so this kit was the best pick since it comes with the proper markings. The goal is to get as detailed as possible here. I may try for a battle damaged Huey. The idea has been rattling around in my head for years now so I will certainly look further into it.

Next up is another iconic helicopter. I think the first time that I saw a Hind was in one of the Rambo movies when I was a kid. It’s a good size aircraft with lots of options to get detailed. The kit that I picked is Hasegawa’s 1/72 Mi-24 Hind-D. I like this variant the best. I want to spend some extra time and make improvements where I can. I’m excited to start this one.

Italeri’s 1/72 Eurocopter will be the third to get moving. I am not sure where I want to go with this build so added research needs to be completed. The decals are garbage so it will receive a completely new identity. I’m not keen on the desert scheme anyways. 

The final two picks are two of my favorites in the American inventory. Hasegawa’s 1/72 HH-60D Nighthawk and Fujimi’s 1/72 AH-1S Cobra Step III. The Nighthawk will be pretty basic in SOAR markings while I may try to make the Cobra in IDF markings. We’ll see though. I’m not sure if they have even used this variant. 

So all in all, I have a big set of builds in slightly unfamiliar territory coming up. The Beaufighter, Peggy, and Mustang are first priority but I will be doing all the preliminary work to transition to the helicopters as seamlessly as possible. Should be fun and extremely interesting. Stay tuned!

Ju-86 D-1

This build took an uncanny amount of time to get through the workbench. My procrastination was the culprit for most of that time but that’s with all my builds lately. But realistically, I should have been finished weeks ago with a fairly easy build. 

I’m quite happy with the results here. The camouflage scheme is superb and I will be scouring the internet to see if there were any more aircraft with this scheme. The added brown makes a very nice difference. The only bummer of the build were the decals with a little silvering. After market decals will be used for the next one. All in all, I think it came out well. Now it’s time to finish the Mustang. 

Final Assembly, Ju-86

The Ju-86 has been my only accomplishment in the last few days. In actuality, yesterday was the only day that I gave it any attention with final assembly beginning. The hour that was spent was the most I have devoted to a build in a few weeks. It felt good to gain some ground. There are only a few areas to wrap up before I can call this one finished.

In The Slow Lane

Trying to tie up all the loose ends has proved difficult lately here at Amateur Airplanes. I thought the completion of the P-40, Bf-109, and the Hs-129 would free up some time but I was vastly mistaken. 

The Ju-86 is coming along nicely. Slowly, but it is getting there. All that is left is final assembly and some touching up. Not a great task to handle. I’m hoping to free up a little time tonight for that. It is my number one priority. 

The Peggy and Beaufighter are about the only workbench encouragement as of late. Both fuselages are affixed and sanded. The Beaufighter will need a little more sanding around its nose but it’s looking great so far. The Peggy had quite a few gaps to fill and that’s where we are with her. I’d like to get some sanding in tonight as well but we’ll see. 

The P-51 has no update to be given. When I airbrushed the leading edges of the wings yellow, some overspray made its way through so I have to deal with that. I’m thinking it just might be easier to re-paint. 

P-40N Warhawk 

Choosing this particular build was a little out of my comfort zone and I am quite happy that I saw it through in its entirety.  I’m not usually one for these special schemes, but the iconic P-40 can make anything look good. There is a pink scheme that I need to build as well. 

This was the first Hasegawa P-40 build to grace my workbench. While I would choose an Academy kit over the Hasegawa representation, I certainly didn’t have a poor time assembling this one. The build as a whole went great. Nice fitting parts with superb decals. And lots of them. I was pleased with the minimal amount of silvering here and there. I didn’t expect to get away with a perfect decal application with so many to apply. Nevertheless, I think it turned out wonderfully. I chose to keep the whole aircraft squeaky clean. I doubt the real one had enough time to get filthy so a shiny P-40 is what we get. It’s a pleasant change to my normal routine.