We’re Getting Closer

The hope for the start to this week was to piggyback my weekend success into the same progress that I so very much enjoyed. Here we are three days into the week and there hasn’t been all that much activity at the workbench. At least not as much as I had planned for. I came into work early today (9a-9p) and the same goes for tomorrow so any actual model work getting accomplished is a bonus now. 

The temperature keeps playing head games and has dropped back down to a frosty 19 degrees. The Fw 190 will remain grounded until at least Monday. 

The Polikarpov is fairing well with all the filling and sanding complete. The engine cowling was installed yesterday and I passed the sanding test on my first attempt. I primed it this morning with excellent results. There are a few little projects like ordinance to address before I can begin final paint. 

The Macchi is doing just as well. I finished up with sanding yesterday and primed it along with the Polikarpov. Great results ensued so I am very happy with this build. Final paint will take place so with this kit. 

I’m doing great at sticking to the two builds at once rule that I put in place a few weeks ago. It’s hard at times and I do have a stack of kits ready to be started. The Harrier and Wildcat have not been started yet, but I think now is as good a time as any to begin. I’ll only have about an hour in the morning to maybe get them on their respective work boards for preliminary paint. My best bet is to hold tight and get started over the weekend. 

Great Weekend 

To measure how successful a weekend was, I don’t normally base it off of how far I actually get. I tend to be happy with little quality gains and anything else is extra credit. This past weekend was one of those rarities where I get farther than I really planned for. 

The Fw 190 could have gotten a little farther for my taste but I’m still sitting pretty good. The waist band was painted RLM 23 on Saturday and then masked off yesterday. The underside needs to be repainted due to some color differences from the initial painting. I’m not exactly sure how it happened but the fact is that it did and it needs to be fixed. Certainly not my worst mistake. I’m thinking tomorrow will be a great day to get that addressed. 

 The true success came in the Polikarpov and Macchi builds. Both kits have performed quite well and as you can see are almost finished with construction. The Macchi has a few gaps to fill and the Polikarpov has just the wing roots to address so far. The picture was taken before I attached the fuselage to the lower wing. I’m happy with my progress and feeling very motivated to keep up the pace. 


Two More on Deck

With the Bv 141 wrapped up and the Fw 190 on the cusp of finality, it’s time to really dig in on the Polikarpov and Macchi builds. The weekend will be a perfect launching pad to achieve my desired jumpstart. While all of that is going on, I thought it would be a great opportunity to choose my next builds. 

Lately the theme here has been all WWII aircraft. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing but as you know I like to have some diversity in my builds. With that in mind, it was off to find a jet age aircraft. There was no other criteria that I was going with other than basically no propeller. I like times like these when I don’t have an immediate inspiration for an airplane and just dig through my stash and build. It gives me time to really look at my inventory and 99% of the time, a kit just sticks out to me and gets me excited for the build. This kit happens to be Hasegawa’s 1/72 Sea Harrier Mk.1. Who doesn’t love the Harrier? After I built my AV-8B Harrier II a while back, I wanted to get a British variant on display. Here’s my chance and I am very enthused about it. Opening the box you’ll find typical Hasegawa quality. I’m not sure of my paint scheme just yet. A little more research should solidify that decision. I think this build will be lots of fun. 

The criteria was met with the Harrier so I thought it would be fine if I slipped another WWII era plane into the mix. I chose to go with Academy’s 1/72 F4F-4 Wildcat. It has been about five years since my last Wildcat build and that is far too long. The first one was built when I first started back into the hobby so it’s not that great of a build. It’ll make for a nice side by side comparison when I am finished. Back to the kit itself, it’s not the greatest Academy kit but it certainly isn’t awful. My biggest complaint is the lack of any landing gear bay detail. Other than that….game on. I’m not too sure if I want to go with an early, mid, or late war paint scheme. I am leaning towards the early war markings but it’s still a toss up. 


Blohm and Voss Bv 141B

With Airfix being my only available option for the Bv 141, this wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. It would be nice to see a re-tooled kit but as is, I really can’t complain much. The biggest downfall is the cockpit. An opened up canopy with a high detail cockpit would be great. I know it’s asking a lot but I can dream. 

So I really enjoyed this build. There were no headaches to deal with. It was just an overall good kit of a very interesting airplane. I am very happy with the turnout of the paint scheme. Its overall color is RLM 02 which is not seen covering the entire aircraft much. It worked out well I think. I want to try this kit again with the traditional German camouflage sometime in the future. Maybe by then there will be a better option. If not, I have learned enough from this build to make my own improvements. 


Positive Progression

Painting the Bv-141 and Fw-190 have begun with great success. The break in the cold weather was a welcome treat allowing me a good window to get them started. The Bv-141 only needed RLM 02 so it is finished with paint. The plan is to start decals tonight and weather it tomorrow. That isn’t a tall order by any means so I am hoping for a Friday finish. 

 The Fw-190 will take a little more time with a couple more colors still needed. I just bought an Airwaves photo-etched stencil for the mottling that I am going to try on this build. But first I need to paint the red band on the waist. I will get that masked tonight and hopefully painted tomorrow. My best bet is to shoot for the weekend to wrap this build up. 

 The Polikarpov and Macchi haven’t moved since preliminary paint. Well, I started detail work on the seats by painting the cushions. Not a whole lot of progress but it’ll add up. Cockpit work will be on the agenda for tonight. I don’t plan on getting a lot done as I have to go back in to work tonight for a double. If I can get the seat belts finished and instrument panels detailed then it’ll have been a good night. 

Fresh Start 

This weekend was the most productive and busy weekends that I have had in quite some time. I was lucky enough to turn a few broken hours into a nice setup for the week. 

The Bv-141 and Fw-190 have completed initial construction and are awaiting the beginning of final paint. It’s looking like a high of 45 degrees here today so I’m thinking it’s a distinct possibility to get the bellies painted this afternoon. 

So with those two pretty well wrapped up, I have stuck to my plan of waiting to start any new projects. My original idea was to wait until the wings were on to start the next set of builds so I’m technically behind. Both the Veltro and Polikarpov were situated last night onto their work boards and I was even able to squeeze all the preliminary painting in. 

Both kits look great and should make for a pleasurable effort. The cockpits will be the main focus for today. I’d really like to get most of the assembly complete but we’ll see about all that. I’m quite happy with the progress so far. 


P-40E Warhawk

While I was finishing my Lancaster, my son was finishing up his P-40. Maybe it’s the proud Dad talking but I think he did a fantastic job. He turned out to be a great student and I think he’s hooked now. We already have his next build picked out.

So the build itself was 95% him. The canopy masking and installation along with the gear bay doors were the only aspects that I intervened with. The rest was all him. He took on the filling and sanding like a champ and it shows. He chose not to weather it and leave it with a clean look. It’s not what I’d go with but it’s nice to see his independence start to show. He has even “allowed” me to display it with my builds.