A-10A Thunderbolt II

Wrapping up the Warthog Project is a soothing accomplishment. I was worried the paint wouldn’t come out looking right and I am glad to say that I was completely wrong for thinking that. After the overspray dilemma, the hard edges concerned me. To me, they look pretty decent all finished. The weathering is what really stands out to me. It’s enough without being too much. I don’t want to say that this is my favorite out of the four recent A-10 builds but the snow scheme looks sharp on there. 

So the build itself was typical Academy. Given the fact that this was my tenth A-10 build in five years, I’m pretty seasoned with the kits. The chin issue remains an across the board problem that I haven’t found a solution for as of yet. I’ll get it under control eventually. Other than that, I can’t complain. The finished kit looks great to me. I’m happy to add it to the shelf. 




Done and Done…

In some ways the repaint was a success and in some it remains disappointing. I’m thrilled that it was such an easy fix but not enthused with the hard lines in the camouflage. I could try spraying the white again but I think I’ll let this sleeping dog lie this time. My hope is that I can hide it in the weathering. It looks like I can so my fingers are crossed. 

I spent about fifteen minutes today at the airbrush spraying the final color of Dark Green. I removed the mask and it will sit until tomorrow when I start the decals. Not a whole lot longer and this A-10 will be complete. 


Fixing My Mistake

As you can see, the remaining A-10 is undergoing a mask to alleviate the white overspray. Progress was halted because of a very strong cup of coffee. My hands were a little jittery so I felt it best to put my hobby knife and model down for safety purposes. There isn’t much left to mask off so I feel pretty accomplished given the circumstances. I will try to resume later tonight or in the morning. Final paint will resume again as soon as the masking is completed and hopefully nothing else tries to interrupt the build. 


The Pothole

I was on my way to being finished with painting the Snow Hog when my airbrush decided to putter out on me. I started off with the nose section and that went fine until I stopped to adjust my grip. From that point on, it was spits and sputters causing the mass of overspray you see in the photograph. My guess is it needs a deep cleaning from all the paintwork lately. I tried turning the air pressure down resulting in no paint flow at all so I had to bite the bullet and continue. I have already had to fix one mistake of my own so what’s another? The white will get masked off tomorrow and I will re-spray the camouflage. It’s not my happiest moment but at least it’s only paint and not another dropped kit. The airbrush will get a thorough break-down before the next color goes on so I have a few minor hurdles to get across before I can think about final assembly. No worries, though. I have my next six kits on deck that I can begin while everything gets sorted out. 


A-10A Thunderbolt II 

The third installment of the Warthog Project is the A-10A from the 103rd Fighter Squadron’s 80th anniversary. Building this kit provided a nice challenge in painting the lightning bolt instead of using the provided decals. I did end up having a few issues that needed to be fine-tuned but it worked out for the most part. Another mishap of my own doing was the darker gray color. I used up the remaining color on the A-10C build and had to mix my own color for this one. The new color looked dead on in the bottle but came out darker than I had intended. It’s a minor error that I really don’t think affects the build much. In my opinion, it came out pretty decent. 

Aside from the anniversary markings, this was a normal A-10 kit. To be honest, I bought this kit never intending on building this version. The scheme was not a favorite of mine but eventually it grew on me and I had to attempt it.  The kit itself had the same minor problems as the rest along with the same benefits as well. With three down, I still haven’t tired from building this great plane. 


A-10A Thunderbolt II

The peanut scheme A-10 was finished up late last night with some caveman ingenuity in adding more ballast to the nose. I actually ended up drilling a hole under the cockpit to drop more weight in. Not the most attractive option on a finished kit but it worked out. Aside from my little weight blunder, all went great. Hobby Boss did a great job putting out a quality kit. 

I was apprehensive at first when approaching this scheme. For some reason it intimidated me. The warthog decals on the nose were a hinderance for me as well. Decals that need to conform over curves have never performed well for me. It turns out that I was half wrong about that. The teeth of the decals went on great, it was the nostrils that I knew would be a problem. I quickly ditched them to finish the rest of the airplane. Once all the decals had set up, I used Radome Tan and Flat Black to hand paint them. Aside from that, I am very pleased with the results. 


One Down, Three To Go

With one A-10 completed, I am still left with three more to finish up. My airbrush sessions are dwindling down with the 103rd and Peanut A-10’s all set. The Peanut A-10 will get it’s decals applied tonight or tomorrow. This should be the next to be featured here.

The 103rd is finished with paint but the lightning bolt will need a few touch-ups. I will work on that tonight and hopefully get the decals started tomorrow. There will be a lot of masking to do to achieve a straight edge so I won’t rush it.

The Snow Hog has been held up a bit by my own hand. This is a prime example to double check and follow your gut feeling. The Academy instructions are incorrect with their camouflage placement and I knew that but kept on going instead of stopping for two minutes to find a better reference. The instructions swap the Dark Green and Euro I Gray on the profiles causing a guessing game. I guessed wrong on the nose of the plane and flip-flopped the green and gray. It’s not a hard fix, just annoying. So I need to re-paint the nose section before I can proceed to spraying the white. Not all was lost yesterday though. The decals were created and printed out. It took me about five minutes to design them and now I am all set for prep work. I just have to get the airplane painted now.