Hs-129 B-3

What should have been completed weeks ago is now finished and up on the shelf. Every time I get a chance to build an Italeri kit I always say that I need to build more from their catalog. This build was no different. The kit itself made for a great experience with this intimidating aircraft. The decals were aged and gave me a scare at first but proved me wrong with a good application. My love affair with German WWII aircraft continues. I will soon be dedicating an entire bookcase or two to all my German builds. 

Gaining Ground

Big updates at the workbench since my last post. All the ground that had previously been lost has been gained back with a solid campaign of diligent  work. So where do I begin? 

We’ll start with my dance with the P-51. I will be the first to admit it. I am a nincompoop. After I repainted the P-51, I was still uneasy with the outcome. I should have listened to Plane Dave on this one. Live and learn. The second color was too light this time so I did a little more research and I deduced that the original color was the correct one. So here we are…again. Back to the original gray with the RAF Dark Green applied this morning.  I shot it with an application of clear gloss this evening so it will be ready for decals tomorrow.

Other good news is the Bf-109 and Hs-129 getting their decals applied. The Romanian markings on the Bf-109 were superb and look fantastic. Both kits were sprayed with clear matte and will be ready for weathering first thing tomorrow. the P-40 had half of its decals applied today as well. I took a break to let the first half dry so I don’t ruin them. The second half will get applied tomorrow. So far so good though. 

The Ju-86 has been chugging along nicely as well. All painting has been completed and a coat of clear gloss was applied tonight for decal application tomorrow. Lots of masking has been performed the last few days with a classic German scheme. Decals are on the docket for tomorrow along with getting ready for final assembly. I’d say I’m sitting exactly where I need to be now.

Happy Thanksgiving 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Meal #1 is literally under my belt and I figured now would be a great time for a most wonderful update. This morning kicked off quite well with a solid session at the airbrush. I feel quite good about where I sit. It’s amazing what difference a day makes. 

All kits progressed this morning. Even the Beaufighter and Betty had their fuselage halves affixed. But most importantly, the painting was addressed. Now I can transition the P-40, Bf-109 and Hs-129 into decals and final assembly while I get the P-51 and Ju-86 finished up with paint. 


Well, my high hopes for last weekend turned out to be just that. Hopes. One thing led to another and here we are. I really dropped the ball on these builds with some poor planning. Normally I’m more methodical about building but I kind of built more on the fly here and the boo boos are surfacing. By no means are my inconsistencies near fatal, just costing me time. 

So we’ll start with the P-40. Now this kit should have been finished if it wasn’t for me thinking I could install the canopy last and just paint it by hand. There were some minor gaps that needed filling and thus will require some touching up. Not such a huge deal but annoying nonetheless. 

Next we have the P-51. Same deal but I’m okay with this one. I had the same bad idea of installing the canopy last with this one as well. The only thing making it slightly better is that the whole topside will be repainted in the correct color. The Academy directions called for US colors and that doesn’t fly well with me. I did a search and it said to use Dark Ocean Gray. To me it’s way too dark. If I’m wrong, please let me know so I can keep it. So I need to get that fixed before I can resume. 

Aside from those two debacles, the Hs-129, Ju-86, and Bf-109 are all set to go. The canopy was installed on the Bf-109 and filled where needed. I’m aiming for an early morning airbrush session tomorrow before I fatten myself up. 

More Masking

Resuming all seven builds has been quite a welcomed task. Not a whole lot has been accomplished today but I have prepared for a solid work day tomorrow. 

Masking has been the focus so far this afternoon. The Hs-129, Ju-86, and Bf-109 are just about ready for some more time at the airbrush. The Ju-86 needed its stabilizers painted red first so I went ahead and took care of that. I will mask them off real quick before final paint. The Hs-129 is all ready to paint while the Bf-109 will get its canopy installed tonight to be ready for tomorrow. 

The Beaufighter and Betty sat quiet today but will resume after all the painting tomorrow. I think I can get a good push on both kits with the other five drying. 

Hitting Restart

With my bathroom remodel coming to an end soon, I think I can squeeze in some much missed time at the workbench within the next few days. The whole operation has been idled since last weekend without even the smallest project getting finished. I did however use some of my modeling skills on the remodel when it was time for filling and sanding unsightly nail and anchor holes along with the obvious painting. 

So as everything sits, I’m not actually in a bad spot. The Ju-86 and Bf-109 will require the most work. I was able to get the undersides painted last week and they await some masking now. The P-40 is finished with final paint for the time being. I need to install the canopy and we’ll touch up where needed. The P-51 and Hs-129 need one last color before I can attempt final assembly. 

I’d say I’m set up quite well for the weekend. The bathroom should be 99% done tonight. I have to install a light fixture and paint a one foot section. There will be more to come eventually but nothing big enough to get in the way. 

Prepped and Ready 

Getting to the polls yesterday to cast my vote was my number one priority of the night. I was able to achieve that goal with thirty minutes to spare before the polls closed. My number two priority was to get some airplanes masked and ready for some more paint. Goal #2 achieved as well. 

As my wife and I watched the continuous loop of political coverage, I sat and got to work masking off the Ju-86, Hs-129, P-40, P-51, and Bf-109. All were finished within about an hour and now await a good airbrush session tonight. Hopefully.