Let’s Build

Progression was the name of the game here at the Amateur Airplanes workbench yesterday. Really, the entire weekend turned out to be quite a big push in a positive direction. A very pleasant groove has been established over the past week that I will absolutely exploit to its fullest. Doing things the right way pays off tenfold.

Going back to my priorities post a few days ago, I am sticking with that same mantra by  putting the Mustang at the forefront. There really wasn’t a whole lot to be done making for a fast session. I fixed the gap in the port side window with a gentle, light sanding. One thousand grit sandpaper was as far as I would attempt and it thankfully solved my dilemma. Touching up the paint that was sanded away was addressed next and the aircraft was put aside to dry. Once the paint had dried, I took a trip out to the garage and applied a coat of clear matte to prepare for weathering today.

Next up was the Beaufighter. Like the Mustang, there wasn’t a whole lot to work on. Sanding was the main event with two seams on the engine nacelles and the observers canopy getting finalized. From there I painted the tires and shot a coat of primer on to check my work. My goal is to get the belly painted within the next day or so.

And now the Betty. Talk about a quick catch up. With a little more hard work, it will be ready to start final paint. The canopy, wing roots, and around the engine nacelles were sanded to, hopefully, perfection. I was encouraged by all that was being accomplished so I kept going by attaching the waist windows and tail canopy. I went ahead and put some primer on to see where we stand. I’m sure I have some more work to do but no doubt, I’m happy with what’s in front of me.

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