UH-1B Huey 

Continuing with a hopeful trend of actually finishing builds again, today we see the finished Huey. In my eyes, it’s an American icon and my favorite helicopter to grace the skies. Maybe it’s the history behind it but the Huey has a certain legendary status about it. My hat forever remains off for those of you who actually were employed in one of them. Especially this Medevac variant. 

I think this was only the third or fourth build that I have done from HobbyBoss. The kit itself was quality but not without its shortcomings. Gap issues were the main hinderance. Not massive Revell/Monogram style but a few too many for my liking. Other than those, I enjoyed this kit. 

The second shortcoming was of my own hand. I should have used the same logic as I do with airplanes and added some weight in the nose somewhere. The result being that it sits tilted back on its skids. To fool you guys in the photos, I had to put a book under one side of the photo booth so the Huey would rest solid on its skids. Lesson learned for next time. 

24 thoughts on “UH-1B Huey 

    • Slow down now! I’m going to have to recover from this set. Airplanes are my thing. I’m getting excited to get back into some aircraft. I’ve been adding some nice kits to the stash the last few months so I’m excited to get to those. I do have a Chinook kit that I want to give a try. We’ll see.

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      • I’m sure you’ll get them done eventually. I challenge you!! Ha!
        I’m not sure if priorities and I get along. Lately we have an understanding but before that it sure wasn’t building models. That’s life I guess.


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