AH-1S Tow Cobra STEP III

This build is a milestone to the Amateur Airplanes workbench. It is the first to be on the finished side of the shelf in close to six months. At my peak pace I would have had about thirty kits built in that span of time. So I am really thankful to be back producing again. If you can remember to back when I first started all the helicopter builds, you will remember that the Cobra was neglected for quite some time. There was no inkling that it would be the first to be showcased.

Fujimi has always been one of those companies that stands away from the common kits. The quality is appreciated and forgiving. I really don’t remember any major issues throughout the months. The only grudge that I have is in the decals. There is some silvering in some spots that just irks me. The kit is finished so I am able to get past that issue. So without further ado, here’s the Cobra.

8 thoughts on “AH-1S Tow Cobra STEP III

  1. Great looking build that – the Cobra is such a great aircraft, it may be the original purpose built Gunship, but it still on of the better looking ones IMHO.

    Great stuff, and congrat’s on the finish, always nice after a long break.

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