Eurocopter Tigre H.A.P. 

If not for the hiccup with my airbrush, I would be pretty happy with this build. I’m happy its completed, but I am disappointed that I couldn’t fix the paint more. I tried my best to hide the blunder in the weathering but it remains an eye sore. You can’t win them all I guess.

The desert scheme was my second choice due to a lack of securing some German markings. That leaves the door open for another build. Regardless of what ifs, it’s nice to have the third helicopter finished. Construction went well and I will continue to give Italeri my approval. I can’t recall any issues during this build aside from my own equipment.

13 thoughts on “Eurocopter Tigre H.A.P. 

  1. It is good that you did not secure German markings for this chopper. The German army uses machine gun pods for the wings when it comes to cannons. The French version has the under nose autocannon.

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  2. Very nice – I have the Revell kit on the bench at the moment. I actually think it’s a rather cool looking Helicopter and you’ve certainly done it justice – if you have made an airbrushing error I can’t see it.

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