F-117A Nighthawk

It was tempting not to change direction with the paint scheme on this one. While the typical flat black is sleek and mysterious, I held my ground and stuck with the original plan. Now that I am finished, I’m glad I didn’t give in.
This kit could be built in a weekend if you put the effort into it. Great fitting parts were a pleasure to deal with as well as good detail. As for the decals, Two Bobs produced a great set as usual. The sheet contained enough decals for four different aircraft. I picked these up for $3.00 on clearance which makes it even better.
I highly recommend this kit. If you’re looking for a kit that’s easy to build but still on the challenging end of the spectrum, this is the kit to build. I have another one of these in my sea of kits that I might have to dig out soon. There is still the iconic black scheme along with another grey scheme to add to the shelf.




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