F-117A Nighthawk

It was tempting not to change direction with the paint scheme on this one. While the typical flat black is sleek and mysterious, I held my ground and stuck with the original plan. Now that I am finished, I’m glad I didn’t give in.
This kit could be built in a weekend if you put the effort into it. Great fitting parts were a pleasure to deal with as well as good detail. As for the decals, Two Bobs produced a great set as usual. The sheet contained enough decals for four different aircraft. I picked these up for $3.00 on clearance which makes it even better.
I highly recommend this kit. If you’re looking for a kit that’s easy to build but still on the challenging end of the spectrum, this is the kit to build. I have another one of these in my sea of kits that I might have to dig out soon. There is still the iconic black scheme along with another grey scheme to add to the shelf.




Book of Inspiration.

So I just finished reading Viper Pilot: A Memoir of Air Combat. Written by Dan Hampton, it tells of his career in the United States Air Force. Viper Pilot is one of those “can’t put it down” books. As an avid reader on all things military, it was a captivating glimpse into the life of an accomplished F-16CJ pilot.
After reading this book, I couldn’t help but to dig out one of my F-16’s and start building it. I am currently working on Academy’s 1/72 F-16C “Air National Guard” kit. I plan on building it straight from the box with the exception of photo etched seat belts. Also, I purchased a set of Two Bobs decals representing the Fighter Weapons School. I am about a third done with it and I must say it has been an easy build so far.