F9F-3 Panther

I just finished my F9F-3 Panther and it couldn’t have gone better. Hobbyboss issued a well molded and detailed kit. Everything about this build went well. I ued Tamiya’s Sea Blue for the exterior color, thus hiding my weathering. There were no issues from beginning to end.
This was definitely a refreshing build along with the Cutlass. If only all of my builds went this way.


16 thoughts on “F9F-3 Panther

  1. It is a lovely feeling when a build just comes together, a lovely looking kit too. When I finish my British jets I might just go for US naval jets, lots of interesting types!


  2. Almost makes me want to get into modelling . . . then I remember; I ain’t got time for the current stuff I am doing.

    Your models are a pleasure to see, but I wonder where you put them all . . . perhaps a few photos of the eventual resting place along with the photo of each completed project?


  3. I would say the only issue was telling your wife the wrong color to get at the hobby store. 😉 It looks great as always. Very proud of you. I’m married to a very talented guy.


    • I was only kidding Elsa! You and your hubby sound like a wonderful couple. My problem is I collect too many things… so I guess I’m just jealous of you both! Seriously, though… I think we all would enjoy seeing the area where you showcase these great models.
      I am also curious about how you keep them clean! My mother years ago tried dusting my ships and completely fouled up my rigging! My cars? Ugh – knocked off by the duster! My planes… heck I played with those – so they never lasted… My Enola Gay bomber was my favorite… with the little ‘Sh-boom’ decal just below the cockpit.
      To avoid collecting and building… I stick to writing… one of four blogs: http://www.av8rblog.wordpress.com. (Pioneers of Aviation)… but I still WANT to build models like you do!


      • Dusting is a careful and time consuming project. I use a bushy (I’m not sure what type) artist brush to gently dust the kits. For a while I was putting them in display cases, but that was getting too expensive and took up a ton of space. I will post how they are displayed soon.


  4. Fun stuff! I appreciate your stopping by my blog. I loved building model aircraft back in the day. But it has been a long time. I recall building a B-17 when I was about 23 or 24–my last venture into the hobby. I admire your skills–vastly superior to mine!


  5. I love the F9F; my favourite of the early jets along with the RN’s Seahawk and the T-Bird.

    I have the Hobbyboss kits for both the former and the Sword T33. I must get round to building them one day but I’m up to my neck in Scottish railways! 😉


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