F7U-3M Cutlass

To conclude my second dual build, I have completed my Fujimi F7U-3M Cutlass. To say that this is an odd looking plane would be an understatement. Although a little untraditional for a jet, I still find it interesting and appeasing to the eye.
Like my Panther, the Cutlass was no different of a build. Well molded, finely detailed, and a joy to assemble. Zero faults to this kit. The only calamity that I encountered was by my own fault. In my rush to select my paint color from the drawer, I grabbed Dark Gull Gray instead of Flat Gull Gray. To make matters worse, I didn’t realize my blunder until ALL of the masking was removed. I considered leaving the mistake and moving on, but accuracy won the battle over laziness. I went through the re-masking process and shot it with the correct color the second time around.
The decals for this kit were kind of a love hate relationship. Some released well from the paper and others took a good amount of extra time. They went on well and responded to decal set.
For the future Cutlass builders of the world, Fujimi nailed this kit. I am looking forward to building a few more from them.


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