Dual Build II

To go with my attraction for early Navy jet powered aircraft, I have chosen some fun ones. I opted to build Fujimi’s 1/72 F7U-3M Cutlass and HobbyBoss’s 1/72 F9F-3 Panther. Both of these kits are my first builds with each respective manufacturer. So far so good. Fujimi knows how to mold parts, that is for sure. Well fitting parts along with good detail make this an inviting build. HobbyBoss scores pretty high so far, as well. My pace has been pretty quick and uninterrupted with these two. I am pleasantly satisfied with my production.



9 thoughts on “Dual Build II

  1. Oh I think she’s more than ok. She answers the door to a new package with a model in it almost every day. Women like that are hard to find lucky guy. 🙂


  2. I enjoy seeing what you build here. I used to create wooden ships (from scratch), aircraft, and space exploration models, but they were very different from the architectural models I built later as a pro for awhile.

    Keep up the good work!


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