Laziness and New Beginnings 

The ball has officially been dropped on the F-4 and Sea Fury builds. They haven’t moved in days. I have no excuse for my lethargic approach to the Sea Fury. My goal is to redeem myself this afternoon and get started on final paint. My excuse for the   F-4 is that I am out of one of the required colors. I put an order in at Scale Hobbyist last night so I’m looking at about a week before I can move forward.    

Even with my screw ups, the week hasn’t been a bust. Progress has been made on the four new builds. The B-24 has some preliminary painting done along with some minor assembly of the wings.

 The Fw 189 is sitting the same. I’ll work on the cockpit tonight and get some intense sanding completed. 

The Duck has preliminary painting half done and I’ll work on the cockpit and the installation of the fuselage windows. I’m nervous with this kit and the Fw 189. The fuselage fit is quite crude on both and I’m crossing my fingers for an easy fix. 

The U-2 has the wings and air intakes assembled. I will take care of preliminary paint tonight and it should move quick from there. 


5 thoughts on “Laziness and New Beginnings 

  1. I’ve just had a look at the collection in your museum, and it’s very impressive. I enjoyed reading your post, and thought I’d mention that I can sympathise with the lethargy thing. I don’t make model aeroplanes, but I’m a bit of a hobby butterfly, flitting from one to the other, and I’ve had a serious case of lethargy for a few months. Happily it seems to be over, and I’m feeling inspired to start making and writing again.

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