Work Resumes

Progress has returned to normal at the workbench the past couple of days. I stopped by my local Hobby Town USA on Friday to pick up a few bottles of the much needed neutral gray for the F-4. My order from Scale Hobbyist isn’t due until Tuesday and I did not want to wait until then to get the F-4 painted. It never hurts to have extra paint that I will no doubt use it eventually. 

So with the missing paint color back in stock, I resumed production on the F-4 with a short stint at the airbrush. Only the nose, wing-tips, and vertical stabilizer needed the neutral gray so it was a fast spray. I will mask those areas off today and get the final color of gunship gray applied.

Along with the F-4, the Sea Fury is back in action. I brought this build out to the airbrush yesterday as well and sprayed it with RAF sky. I will also mask those areas off and finish up with RAF dark sea gray. 

The U-2, B-24, Duck, and Fw 189 builds are crawling along. Preliminary painting is complete on all builds and the cockpits are ready for assembly. I will address those today and hopefully start the wonderful aspect of sanding. Lots and lots of sanding. 


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