Sticking With It

The lazy day approach is still ongoing here at Amateur Airplanes and I am starting to see some good in it. While it isn’t ideal for me to take such a different approach, it’s teaching me that every set of builds doesn’t have to be efficient every day. It also isn’t like I haven’t done anything at all in the past few days. The Sea Fury has caught up and I started painting the invasion stripes. Flat white was used first and now I need to mask off the white to accept the flat black. The F-4 is the other build that has seen some progress. The wing roots look good after priming and I filled a few more gaps here and there to finish up. The rest of the wing assembly has been completed and I thiink I can call it ready for paint. So not my usual production but that’s okay.

As for the rest of the builds, painting has slowly been started. I will have my hands full the next day or so with lots of masking. The Me-262, Mistel 5, and Ar-234 have all had their bellies painted and I can begin on the camouflage as soon as all the masking is completed. The Su-27 is taking a little longer due to the detail on the engine exterior. I sprayed it with burnt iron yesterday and I need to seal it before I can mask it off. I will try to make that happen today or tomorrow. All in all I think the builds are going great. I’m thankful that none of them were huge projects.


8 thoughts on “Sticking With It

  1. Your work is really beautiful. I wonder what you do with all of your finished builds. If you were inclined to it, I’m sure you could open a shop on something like Etsy and sell your finished work. What you do is more than just hobby work – it’s actually a form of art. 🙂

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