Masking and Mistakes

You cannot fully expect to go through six simultaneous builds without some sort of misadventure to occur. In my case, I am lucky that it isn’t my normal catastrophe in a dropped kit or just a plain stubborn build. As usual, it is my own fault and I accept that 100%. I have learned from past experiences to expect these issues at any point within the build. 

Calamity #1 was with both the He-162 and E-377. It’s not that big of an issue but it sets me back a day. When I painted the bellies, I should have carried the RLM76 over to the top of each aircraft. Easy five minute fix at the airbrush. It’s a little reminder to slow down and double check the paint references.

Calamity #2 was with the Su-27. While masking the engine exterior, some of the paint came off with the mask. My guess is that I did not use a thick enough coat of sealer. That problem was fixed today as well with another quick session at the airbrush. The exhaust cans accepted the mask with no problem so I will spray a good thick coat of sealer on tomorrow and probably a good coat of Future after that.

Not all was a disaster today. The Ar-234 and Me-262 are masked and ready for step two of paint. The Sea Fury’s invasion stripes are masked and ready for the flat black. I will spend some more time at the airbrush tomorrow getting further along. My next few days looked pretty packed with all the masking and painting to be done. 


8 thoughts on “Masking and Mistakes

  1. Yep. It happens. For me, if nothing ever went wrong with a build I’d think, “What happened?” You take it all with exceptional aplomb. Model building isn’t for the faint of heart. Looking forward to seeing how these builds turn out. I made my picks for the next kits by the way.

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