Hawker Typhoon 1b

Like the Defiant, the Typhoon build was another lower detailed Airfix kit. It held the same characteristics of the Defiant throughout the build. They just about mirrored each other until the end. The build itself was pleasant the whole way through. Even though the quality wasn’t there, I really can’t complain when they go well. No headaches make for a good build anytime.

I chose to go with the desert scheme to represent Britains involvment in North Africa. I know I say it all the time, but I really need to pay more attention to this aspect of WWII. I am thinking of a B-24 next or a P-40. Or both.  Maybe I will do some research and begin another theme build on the war in North Africa.

I am learning to accept Airfix’s downfalls while seeing their strengths at the same time. I have learned to be more accepting of them after the Defiant and Typhoon. While they are not my first choice, they certainly aren’t my last. Besides, after Mister Craft’s Su-22 nightmare, anything is better.




19 thoughts on “Hawker Typhoon 1b

  1. Very nice and unusual choice! I’m pretty only a couple Typhoons were painted this way as part an operational trials test, it’s definitely fun to see.

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  2. You know it’s funny. I looked at the pics first before reading. I was thinking the model quality wasn’t the same. Idly, I thought it reminded me of an Airfix kit. Then I read the text. Wow. I guess I can really call them! Your part was awesome as always. I didn’t know Typhoons served in the desert. Presently, I’m building out my MTO modification for my StrikeFighters combat sim. I’ve been flying over the desert a lot lately.

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    • Thank you and good call! I paid $4.00 for the kit so I guess I got my moneys worth out of it. I was unaware of their use until I bought two different sets of Typhoon decals that had a desert scheme included in them. I may pick up the Academy kit to give it another shot.
      I’m a Play Station guy myself. I have a few games but I always get bored with the actual missions and just want to go off flying.

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