Morane Saulnier Dewoitine D.520

Building the D.520 has been a pleasure to get through. I really have zero complaints and virtually had no issues. So this will be a short post, I guess. But really, Hasegawa took it to a new level with the 520 as well as the M.S.406 which is also complete. This morning was spent with all the final assembly tasks.

I finished painting a few days ago and shifted my efforts to the P-38. I finally got back to the 520 and applied the decals on Sunday night and gave it a light weathering yesterday evening. The decals were slow to release but after they slid off the backing, the reacted as if I had painted them on. By far, these were THE best decals that I have ever worked with. That is a bold statement but I have a couple hundred kits under my belt and I have never had them perform so well. They immediately formed to panel lines without any decal set. It was the perfect end to a great build.

13 thoughts on “Morane Saulnier Dewoitine D.520

  1. I enjoyed your decal comment.
    There are time that you find something that just works from a place you didn’t expect. I am reminded of the ProModeler F-84 I just built; the fit of the kit was unexpectedly great. I built that instead of the Tamiya kit because I wanted the marking in the ProModeler kit and was pleased.
    However, unlike your experience, the decals were almost permenantly attached to the paper and broke up a bunch on application. So overall the kit was okay, but I will always remember the fit.

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  2. I always loved the D.520. I think it’s a beautiful airplane. Pity it wasn’t a better performer, although for the time, I suppose it was pretty good. This is a terrific looking model. You really brought the details out nicely.

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