F-104C Starfighter

The stars finally aligned and I was able to complete the Starfighter. It wasn’t that dramatic, but I sure did take my time to get finished.
This was a great build. Hasegawa continued their high end status with this kit. The build went well when I actually devoted some time to progress. Joining the front fuselage to the back end proved to be a slight issue. Other than that, all went great. The scratch built refueling probe turned out like I had wanted as well. The probe was a little difficult to paint around, but everything worked out.
I, of course, went with the SEA camouflage scheme. I had some trouble with my airbrush clogging up. I ended up having to use a different bottle of paint to solve my issue. The decals that I had wouldn’t work so I dug into my spares and was able to scrounge up what I needed. Luckily, the Vietnam era F-104C didn’t have many markings. They were all pretty common and I have an abundance of common markings.
With the trio of builds now complete, it’s time to look for my next ones.




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