F-102A Delta Dagger (Case X)

Meng produced a quality kit in the F-102A (case X). They also recently released a case XX version of the Dagger (I own this kit as well). The X’s represent the Roman numeral system. As for this kit, I enjoyed the detail and ease of the build. There were a few minor fitting issues but nothing to fret over.
I went back and forth on the paint scheme. Meng provides three different options for paint and decals. I very badly wanted to use the SEA camouflage scheme for this build. With the F-104C getting that same scheme, I chose to paint it with Model Masters Aircraft Gray. The decals were another bright spot to this build. Their quality and release time is remarkable.
This kit took a lot longer than it should have to complete. The Lippisch is responsible for most of the delays along with some scheduled overtime at work. Excuses aside, I think the Dagger turned out well.




12 thoughts on “F-102A Delta Dagger (Case X)

  1. Ah, one of the Delta planes from the storied Century series. When I was a controller at Davis-Monthan we had two F-106 Delta Darts on air defense alert. What a beautiful aircraft that was, but boy did it ever eat up almost anything on final approach in front of it. The darned things had two speeds: Really fast and a whole lot faster.

    We have a civilian out at El Paso International who is restoring two of them. He’s already restored and flies an F-100 Super Sabre. I heard that he got into trouble with the FAA a few years ago for buzzing at low level the main street running through Deming, New Mexico.


    • That’s awesome. There aren’t too many civilian fighters out there. I’d do the same thing if I had an F-100. I have always admired the Delta planes. They are sleek and just plain cool looking.


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