Like a kid in a candy store.

Just when I think that I am officially out of room for more models, I am able to reorganize them like a game of Tetris. I recently went on a shopping spree with a very generous budget. I managed to stay somewhat responsible. I ended up spending roughly $280.00 at,, and eBay. I may have to let my collection dictate when I get a bigger house.
All kits are 1/72 scale.
Academy MiG-21 Fishbed ( I purchased two of these)
Academy OV-10A Bronco
Academy F-15D Eagle
Academy F-22 Raptor
Academy F-8E Crusader VF-111 Sundowners
Academy B-17G Flying Fortress Nose Art Special Edition
Hasegawa Delta Dart
Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II Plus VMA-513 & VMA-214 Combo
Hobby Boss N/AW A-10 Thunderbolt II
PM Models F-5A Freedom Fighter
PM Models F-5B Freedom Fighter
Trumpeter RA-5C Vigilante
Trumpeter F-105D Thunderchief
Trumpeter F-105G Thunderchief


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