Finally finished!

After a month break from building, I finally finished Revell’s 1/72 Su-27 Flanker. Wow, did I ever want to give up on this one. All in all I think it turned out alright, considering the problems this kit had. From beginning to end, this kit was a nightmare. I kept thinking that it would get better after each snag. Unfortunately, another problem awaited me.
I tend to have bad luck with Revell kits anyway and this was no exception. It started off with the instructions calling for the ejection seat placement too far back. Not a big fix, but worth noting. The fuselage went together very well, but the wings were the disaster of this build. The gaps were pretty large to fill. On one side, the filler kept cracking. I think I went through this twice before I was gentle enough to move on. It took a lot of filling and sanding to get the wings corrected. After that I rescribed the panel lines that were sanded away. The two stabilizers required a great deal of attention as well. The nose cone was the biggest surprise as it fit perfectly.
For the paint, I used all Model Masters colors. I used Camouflage Gray for the base color with Flanker Blue/Gray and Flanker Pale Blue. I used a set of Authentic Decals to finish it off. This was an unusually frustrating build for me. Overall, I think I managed to build a nice looking Flanker.


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