Now We’re Cookin’

Removing all of the masking tape from the A-10 seemed like a never-ending project. The shareholders at Tamiya can buy a new vacation house with the profits from all of the tape that I used! It takes some getting used to when looking at the end result of final paint, but it has grown on me and I can see my vision for this build coming to fruition. All colors will need touching up in minor areas. There were some spots that pealed a little along with some over-spray. I will take care of that and get some clear gloss applied to get ready for decals.

The F-15 and F-16 moved farther along with their decal applications started. I began with the F-15, applying the major decals and only the topside. Placards and stencils will get addressed when I can sit down at my desk with some good light. Same with the F-16. The tail section was the only area to get work done. There are quite a few decals between the two kits so I will be tediously busy with them both.

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