A-1H Skyraider

To me, the Skyraider is one of the true workhorses of the Vietnam War. For an aircraft that was designed at the end of WWII to compete well against its jet powered brothers is a testament to the Skyraider. It’s always been a favorite of mine and in the SEA camouflage scheme, it’s even more so. Hasegawa put out a nice Skyraider kit in this one. The amount of intense labor was very low and that will always be welcomed at the workbench. I’m very happy to have it finished and up next to the RF-101C Voodoo build. 



17 thoughts on “A-1H Skyraider

  1. Having seen your post including the Lancaster, I checked a file of photos I took about a decade ago in RAF Hendon – including the reconstruction of a Halifax, among other things. Will post at some point.

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  2. Almost forgot to comment on this one. The Skyraider has always been one of my favorites from the Vietnam era. When you see those working side by side with the jets it is impressive, especially when you see that they often carried more weapons, especially when compared to the carrier stationed planes.

    As such I was really looking forward to seeing how this one would turn out and it did not disappoint!

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