Progress and a Problem

The workbench has started to settle into my current three builds without reservation. January turned out to be a fantastic month in the model building world. Who knows what February holds but it’s looking pretty good so far.
The Kfir, Frogfoot, and Canuck are all holding pace with each other. The cockpits, wings, and landing gear have been addressed on all three kits. The cockpits were finished last night and installed. The fuselage halves were put together shortly after. From what I can tell, the Kfir should move along quicker than the other two. The Canuck and Frogfoot look like they’re going to require some extra attention with the seams. I will be able to assess them better once I get them sanded. I’m crossing my fingers.
Research on the Canuck is leaving me empty handed and insane. I came across one soul picture of a CF-100 in fluorescent red. It was used with the CEPE as a target towing aircraft and I cannot find any reference pictures. So to all of you in the aviation community, HELP! If you have any knowledge on this aircraft (tail number 18222), I would absolutely appreciate it. I would hate to blindly build it and not get it right.




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