Spark Vark

My EF-111A Raven project has been complete for a few days now and I am happy to finally get around to posting my finished product. I have been remodeling my kitchen and had little time to share my work.
Hasegawa did a great job with this kit. With the exception of my overreaction to the fuselage assembly, all else went well. There were a few minuscule fitting issues with the air intakes and the front landing gear strut. Nothing major but worth noting. The rest of construction was what I hoped for. I was able to add some detail in the cockpit as well as modifying the canopy to add some extra elements to view. I also gave extra attention to the exhaust cans to try and make them stand out a little more. I decided to add a photo-etched crew boarding ladder from P.P. Aeroparts. I have a love hate relationship with photo-etch parts but this experience was a good one. Assembly went smooth. Build time was about twenty minutes. I used Model Master’s Dark Green for the final coat. I also sprayed Testor’s Flat White on a strip of masking tape and cut thin strips for the reflective tape. I think it was a great little detail to add. Especially with the canopy doors open. This was definitely a pleasurable build with some learning experience added into the mix. 20130729-232254.jpg20130729-232320.jpg

20 thoughts on “Spark Vark

  1. Great job! The EF-111 was always a favorite of mine. Looking over your incredible builds makes me want to run out to this great hobby shop I found a few weeks ago, and pick up a few projects of my own.


  2. I remember building models as a kid, obviously mine never looked as amazing as yours. But there is something special about building a model. That reminds me I have a B-24 model in my closet that I need to build. It’s the bomber that my Father/Grandfather was on during WWII. I enjoy seeing your beautifully built models! Thanks!


  3. I’ve been reading your posts in reverse chronological order after you visited my blog. I admire your skill! I used to build model airplanes when I was a kid, and I always enjoyed it. I also built some model ships with my oldest child when she was young. Seeing your work makes me want to give it another try!


  4. Impressive. It even has the correct R.A.F. Upper Heyford tail marking (UH). I was stationed at R.A.F. Lakenheath when that base transitioned from the F-4D to the F-111F. The F-111F had the most powerful engines ever installed on the F-111 series. Absolutely incredible watching the afterburner with shock rings when one would take off at night.


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