That Stupid Murphy’s Law!

Whoever this Murphy guy is, he’s a real jerk! I know you can guess by my title that I have hit a snag in my A-10 build. While it isn’t heart stopping like dropping a finished build, it’s still quite annoying. You see, my final step in this entire build was to assemble the rear wheels and attach them to the struts. Upon inserting the hub into the tire, the hub wanted to stick out way too far. With some further persuasion and gentle force, the wheel snapped in two pieces. ARGH!! So close to completion.

In normal circumstances, I would hit the spares as I did with the gear doors. Being that my spare Airfix kit is the same as the Heller kit, I didn’t want to repeat this disaster again. I have two Monagram kits that I could pillage from but couldn’t locate their whereabouts so it was off to an Italeri set of wheels. Clipped from the sprue, they went out to the garage for some paint.

The wheels were on the agenda to get some rubber painted on when I had the genius idea to reunite them with their kit and cannibalize one of my original A-10 builds from my beginning. All of my early “learning” kits are in a plastic bin just waiting for a moment like this. As you can see, my early work was not very skillful but it turned out to be priceless in this situation. I removed the struts from the aircraft and then snapped off the wheels.

I will hopefully spend just a little bit of time getting them weathered since they are already painted. A pilot hole will need to be drilled so I can attach them to the struts. After I can pass this conundrum, it will be time to mount the airplane to the base and call it finished. With just three days remaining until the dreaded one year anniversary, I better get this right!

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