The Tale Of The Troublesome P-70

Throughout the years, there have been plenty of project builds to grace the Amateur Airplanes workbench. Revell’s P-70 is just another future badge of honor to conquer. The gap predictions from earlier posts have come to fruition and, well, just see for yourself. The belly doesn’t look bad at all, which is uplifting to say the least.

So now that damage control has kicked in, I figured that I need some strength in the fuselage to withstand tremendous amounts of filling and sanding. My solution was to add strip styrene on the inside to bond the two halves together so I can go Donkey Kong on that gap. I also added some styrene in the front of the cockpit just in case. My fingers are crossed and I will go to Hobby Lobby this weekend to buy more filler!

The Focke Wulf took all of two minutes to work on today with some Silly Putty added to the cockpit and then some filler to the cowling. Not a bad couple of minutes worth of work. My future agenda for this kit will be the sanding, of course, and the wings. I would like to get them assembled and a good dry fit to see if any modifications are needed. I also need to address the engine and housing. Some of the panels need to be cut away to expose the engine so I need to get that squared away soon. This build is feeling good so far.

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