The Squeeze, Part 2

Day two into the workbench squeeze and we see a nice breakthrough with the A-10. All the white received a coat of Future this morning to give some contrast against the flat camouflage. When that all dried, I proceeded to do some final assembly. Landing gear struts and weapons pylons were the main act of the day. The wheels will need some sun-baked weathering before I can feel comfortable putting them on.

After the landing gear struts were dry, I gave the aircraft the sit test. Epic fail! Ballast was added to the nose but I failed to account for all the filler in the engine nacelles. It’s a tail-sitter. More weight can be added in the nose wheel bay but I may just end up gluing the wheels to the base. We’ll see.

More work was completed on the P-70 and Focke Wulf last night. The Focke Wulf was sanded down quite nicely. I will need to fill one tiny area. Certainly acceptable. The P-70 is looking like a project build in the making. I sure hope that I did something wrong in the beginning to create these issues. Otherwise, Revell should be ashamed. After some hacking and cutting, the fuselage halves were somewhat ready to wed together. I’m hoping all the tape kept the halves together enough to get a good hold. Even if that holds true, I still foresee some storms in the forecast. I think I will need to add some strip styrene to stabilize the spine so I don’t keep cracking the seams apart. At least I have a decent start going.

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