The Forgotten Focke Wulf

Do you ever start a project and completely forget about it? Well, I did. While tidying up the shelves next to my workbench, I uncovered this Focke Wulf Ta152H-1 from Dragon under the A-10’s box. This was started sometime late last year and I absolutely spaced it off. I remember wanting to build something WWII German with the F-15 & F-16. This was what I chose and it looks like I have a decent start to it. The engine looks like it is completed and the cockpit looks ready to assemble. This was a good selection that I can’t wait to get more involved with. More to come as I further inspect what I have actually accomplished.

7 thoughts on “The Forgotten Focke Wulf

  1. I keep a notepad always close to my workbench (nowadays actually two, as one is already full). It is organized by project (with information on the kit, scale, subject to be depicted and notes about details to add/correct, colours to use and other thoughts). It has been a great help, because time for our hobby is not always available and some small models can take a long time to complete.

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  2. Hi; This being the “Dora”? (inline engine w/ a front facing radiator) Another example of “day late & dollar short” to change the course of the war.
    Noted your Heinkel 129 tank buster w/ the 75mm cannon; was curious as to which company produced this kit.

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