Getting Down to Details

With the canopies almost finished up, it is time that I begin focusing on all the detail work so I am prepared for final assembly. The remaining gaps on both canopies were filled last night and then sanded up this morning. They were taken out to the garage for some primer immediately to check my work. As long as they look presentable, I think I can go ahead and get these two birds prepped for final paint. There are a few more minor construction projects to address first but I am well on my way to finishing my first builds in months.

Now on to some detail work. Today was supposed to be on off day from work for me but I offered to take a coworkers shift so he didn’t have to burn a vacation day. Good idea at the time but now I am regretting it! It’s extra money so I can’t complain too much, right? Along for the workday is all the ordnance for the F-15. The assembly was performed months ago. The prepping and painting is the easy job that I tackled tonight. More assembly will follow, along with some touch up painting. It will be nice to have this knocked out so I can put my whole focus on final paint.

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