Simple Morning

Well, my back is turning a great corner and I am starting to feel normal again. There is still pain but not the knock me down type so I am extremely encouraged at that. More encouraging news is that I knocked out all of my sanding on the F-16 and F-15 this morning. The F-16 took about five minutes to finish up while the F-15 required some more time to accomplish. Aside from all the filler, I noticed two minor areas on the starboard side of the nose section that needed a smidge of sanding. From there, it was out to the garage for some primer to both builds. They are starting to shape up quite well and I need to start paying more attention to the final details now. I think I will be doing closed cockpits with both so I need to work on canopies next. I have them masked off already so they will get a coat of clear gloss to prevent leaks and then some flat black for the interior color. From there, I can officially install them and fill wherever need be. Ordnance and landing gear will be the next big project after that.

The A-10 has been pushed back too many times to count and these past two weeks are no different. While I am not physically ready to plunge into the masking marathon, I did start working on the display base. Last night, my lovely wife picked up some spray adhesive for me so I could begin. I am using an old picture that we had hanging in the kitchen at our old house for a little better of a presentation. The cardboard back is serving as the base. The first application of sand was applied this morning with mixed results. I am hoping the corrugation in the cardboard will go away once the glue dries, otherwise I may need to start over. More sand will be added along with some vegetation. Once the model is on, I will need to add in some anchor lines but I’m thinking the base will be completed soon. It feels good to at least have a start going.

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