Down But Not Out

Not a whole lot of activity has been whirling around the workbench over the past two days. I threw my back out Sunday night and have essentially been out of commission since. Without a doubt a terrible time for this to happen. Although this has disabled me from basically everything but lying around, I have managed to sneak a few small sessions in here and there.

Basic filling and sanding has been done on the F-15. The fuel pods were filled where needed this morning and sanded this afternoon. You can see in the picture that I missed a gap next to the landing gear bay. That will get addressed tomorrow and maybe the wings and nose cone will get installed as well.

The F-16 could have been a bit farther if not for my error from my last session. I thought the wings were dry when I left the kit last. As it turned out, they weren’t which resulted in both sides to sag downward. Easy enough fix by breaking them loose and re-affixing them. This time I made sure each wing was cured and in the correct position. After that I was clear to fill the gaps in the wing roots. Once the filler had time to set up, I sanded them down and shot some primer on. My work will be checked in the morning and I am hoping to be able to attach the fuel pods. Fingers crossed.

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