A-10 Delay

My plan to give the Aztek a trial run yesterday didn’t go as I had planned. You see, my honey-do list was priority with a new Craftsman style door to install in my entryway. Now, it also wasn’t your run of the mill take the old frame out to put the new one in. Nope. I had to mortise the hinges as well as make the deadbolt and knob hardware flush. The old door knob was about two inches higher resulting in new bores into the frame. Four hours and I was spent. 

So I really had no plans of doing anything but resting the remainder of the day. As I was laying on the couch thinking about how to approach painting the white covering on the A-10, I had the idea to outline it first and then fill the void in with the airbrush. It will make for a much easier way to paint. Now I don’t have to look back and forth at reference photos. It will be a much more efficient direction to take.

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