Life Goes On

The Amateur Airplanes workbench is back into the swing of things after the recent  airbrush fiasco. With my loaner hooked up and ready, I dove in and finished applying the Euro I Gray to the A-10 yesterday. A good coat of clear was applied tonight and I’m hoping to get the decals applied tomorrow night. It’s all details from here on out.

Another accomplishment on the A-10 build was purchasing the materials for the base of the diorama. I have an old frame that I will be using to make it look presentable. I would like to take care of the base this weekend. There are still a few more details to take care of but at least I can get the basics complete.

The F-16 and F-15 are flowing nicely with quality work being performed yesterday morning. Initial sanding was started and filler applied where it’s needed. There is a good bit of sanding to take care of before I can really get moving. After I get that under control then they both should start moving a little faster.

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