More Filler

The workbench has been slow going over the past few days. The Blackhawk is ready for final paint and until I find the spare time to get that accomplished, it’ll stay put. That will likely come this weekend. The A-10 has been the main focus for the week. In all actuality, it is about 99% ready for final paint as well. If it weren’t for an oversight of my own doing, it would be right there with the Blackhawk.

With the lack of detailed reference photos, I overlooked the fact that the back half of the engine nacelles are closed up too. I’m thankful that I caught it before it was too late. The project isn’t a big one with most of it completed already.

With the gun cover finished, I started off last night filling the voids with Silly Putty. I put just enough in so that I wouldn’t be filling the entire nacelle. After the proper depth was established, in came the filler. Both nacelles were filled and leveled off in a matter of minutes. All that was left was to set the aircraft aside and pick it back up tonight.

This evening was another quick session with a minor sanding session to even out the high spots. From there we traveled out to do some priming. It looks rough as it sits. Maybe when the primer dries it will look better. Either way, I have more to address. I will assess the progress tomorrow and add some more filler where it’s needed. My goal is to be finished by the weekend to start final paint.

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