Tragedy Strikes Again

Maybe the six month hiatus from building models has done some good because I haven’t seen production like this in quite some time. The past two years have sort of been a struggle to find my way. I’m getting comfortable with my approach and it’s all becoming muscle memory again.

The easy direction was taken this afternoon first with the Hind. The airbrush was still running a muck but it worked fine for an all Dark Green skin. The new scheme looks good and I am glad for the change. I will give it a good gloss coat tomorrow to prepare for decals.

The A-10 saw a little more action today. A minor tragedy occurred when I was attempting to affix the stabilizers. Don’t ask me how, but the tail cracked in bizarre fashion. There must have been an underlying issue beforehand because I’m not the Incredible Hulk here. There wasn’t much pressure being applied but that dagger of a sound rang. The world stopped for a second as I realized what happened and assessed the damage. It’s honestly an easy fix and I’m not too concerned with it. It’s just a big time sucker.

So I glued the crack back together and then added some strips of spare sprue to add some strength for when I sand the seams. After that was handled, I proceeded onto more construction. The engine nacelles and wheel bays were attached and await their turns with filler and some sanding. The gaps around the canopy and the forever gap in the nose were the last little project for the afternoon. They were smartly filled and I will give them a final sanding tomorrow. Aside from the broken tail, it was a good session with the A-10. I am starting to get real excited about this build.

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