Dilemma Solved

My ongoing issues with my airbrush have been worrying me when it relates to the upcoming session with the Hind. The two basic colors for the top and bottom are of no concern. The third color to create the camouflage is the alarm bell ringing in my head. With the spattering issue that I have been experiencing, I don’t even want to chance it. Masking is definitely an option. A very time consuming and frustrating one at that. I’ve noticed that masking a helicopter is a lot different than masking an aircraft. 

The fact that the Hind is a way more popular helicopter than the Eurocopter, I thought that different markings would be more readily available. I was correct! My search criteria was pretty basic…no camouflage! I found a set of Techmod decals for a Polish Hind that will work out great. The camouflage would be better visually but my happiness with the build is priority. Besides, the all dark green looks kind of menacing. Also, I try to never miss an opportunity to get some Polish markings applied. My wife’s family is Polish so it’s always special to represent them when I can. 

Ideally, it’s not the wisest plan to change up the scheme this late but I figure I can get it painted and work on the A-10 in the meantime. The Blackhawk will eventually get eased in as well. There are lots of projects with that one so I wanted to clear some better-off kits out of the way first. 

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