Decals and Weathering

Todays workbench time was focused on finalization work with the Eurocopter, Huey, and Cobra. The Hind is well on its way to being completed but I feel like the other three could benefit better with more time spent finishing them up. Work should resume on the Hind quite soon after all my fantastic progress today.

The Eurocopter and Huey were first up with all the decal work getting completed. Not an extreme project by any means. The Eurocopter having maybe twenty decals to apply. The Huey was a little more extensive but not much. It feels great to have the second and third helicopter with its markings on. Basic clear matte and weathering from here on both kits.

The Cobra took another great step forward with the weathering being applied today. Another coat of clear was applied to seal in the weathering. Detail paint will be on the docket for tomorrow along with the ordinance and rotors. There won’t be much to final assembly like an aircraft would have. Anxiousness is starting to set in as I get closer to finishing this build up. This will be the first kit completed since February so I am very excited to reach that goal.

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